Nasty Abyss: Possessed & Bezdan & Serpentslain & Vapor & Stoic Suffering & Matt Miller

Nasty Abyss: Possessed & Bezdan & Serpentslain & Vapor & Stoic Suffering & Matt Miller

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Thanks to Nasty Events and Abyssal Booking the summer of extreme music is raging hard in Zagreb, Croatia. After the night of hell with Massacre some week ago the crown jewel of death metal arrives on 21.07.23: Possessed.

Possessed (USA, Death metal)

Jeff Becerra – Vocals
Daniel Gonzalez – Guitars
Claudeous Creamer – Guitars
Robert Cardenas – Bass
Emilio Marquez – Drums

Unless you are living under a rock where only Ed Sharran was playing, Possessed is one few bands that coined the term “death metal” in general. Ever since their demo back in 1984 under the same they help to shape the genre that we all know today.  Their first two albums Seven Churches and Beyond the Gates today enjoy a legendary status to put it mildly. Their final resurrection in 2007 with the original vocalist Jeff Beccera is more than welcome to the scene. Their long-awaited third album Revelations of Oblivion in 2019 cements their position in the death metal genre they helped forge.

Their comrades in arms are many so let’s go through them:

BEZDAN (HR, Black/Death)

Filip Horvat – Guitars
Tomislav Baranašić – Guitars/Vocals
Filip Vučković – Bass/Vocals
Ivan Bajrović – Drums

With a decade of existence Bezdan gave the Croatian scene the necessary venomous blackened thrash dose that was sorely needed over the years. With their sound which is an obvious combination of early black metal like Venom with thrashing speed from Sodom and Possessed they are perfect supporting act.

SERPENTSLAIN (HR, Melodic death metal)

Damir Tomić – Vocals
Paulo Mateljan – Guitars
Alen Babin – Guitars
Ante Šimunić – Bass
Frane Belinić – Drums

Another local support is Serpentslain formed in Zadar all the way in 2005, with hiatus situations here and there, the band released their demo Forged in Hatred in 2007, their first album Age of Verdict in 2020 and their single “Merging the Void” in 2022. They will the melodic part of the night for sure.

Vapor (USA, thrash metal)

Nick Altenburg – Bass / Vocals
Nate Klug – Vocals/Guitars
John Lorence – Drums

Second time in Croatia, first time as a support act for Nile some months ago, these thrashers have an impressive tour mileage with other well-known bands and surely promise an well-oiled professional thrash metal set. They have two albums: A Violent Existence in 2012 and Mass Mortality in 2023.

Stoic Suffering (USA, Progressive Deathcore)

John Rivera – Vocals
Matt Miller – Guitars
James Fraser – Guitars
Josh Mathis – Drums

Possessed direct support band for the tour. Marcus Aurelies meets deathcore. I will let you know in the coming report what happened.

Matt Miller (USA, progressive death metal)

Matt Miller – Everything

One man band from the States. Formed in 2020 with whopping 5 albums and 2 Eps released in a short time.  No live session members, so this will be interesting.

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