Nekrofilth interview

Nekrofilth interview

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Nekrofilth – pure metal insanity from USA!

Hellz to NEKROFILTH! First of all, question which was interesting for me since my very first listening to your music – why do you using K instead of C in a band’s title?:)

You’re the first person to ever ask me that!  To be honest, K’s look cooler.  That’s about it.

Devil’s Breath is your first full-length album, 5 long years you have recorded just demos and etc… Why it takes so many time for full-length?

Eh we are kind of buffoons and don’t really think about that stuff.  But then I realized maybe we should put a full length out.  “Full-length” is kind of relative here because the record is 25 minutes, but I wouldn’t want to do a record much longer than that anyway.

And, from your personal point of view, is it killer piece on metal? Tell me – are you all completely satisfied with the result, or now, after some time passed – wouldn’t you like to change anything in the music? (As for me – all is great and while listening to your songs forcing to headbang, hehe; anyway your opinion is interesting).

Definitely satisfied with the recording man! Jon B and Mr. Tony DaPrano did a kickass job!  I really do think it is our best stuff.  I am really happy it is being perceived so well!

You have mixed such styles like thrash/death metal with great moshing crossover, sounds pretty amazing and killer! I have never seen your gigs, so I’m interested – what’s fans reaction at your gigs? Does your music make them sick and destroy, hehe???

Our biggest fans are usually total mongoloids with no sense of self respect or common decency.  Many have various physical deformities/bizarre mutations, and usually criminal records.   So we get in trouble a lot.

Have you toured in USA just? Are there any plans visit EU?

We just finished a great European tour with the Swedish band REPUKED.  We played 21 shows including dates in The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, and Belgium.  The tour went incredibly and we can’t wait to come back.

What are your lyrics about? Do you pay enough of attention to the texts? You know, some bands do not do so. What’s your worse song ever (I mean lyric)?

Great Question!  Again nobody ever asked me that!  Our worst song is DEFINITELY “Full of Shit”.  ESPECIALLY the lyrics.  I really had no more ideas at that point.  In general though I just try to keep things really negative. And I rhyme a lot.

Can you tell us what about these songs, like: Deep inside disease, Crocodile, Junkie cunt, Blood bug…?

Deep Inside Disease – I’ll let you figure that one out yourself.

Crocodile – This is about our favorite drug, the infamous Krokodil of Russia.  We have been trying to find more for ages but no one has been able to hook us up.

Junkie Cunt – This is about a man with a very special girlfriend.  You could say this is our power-ballad/love song.

Blood Bug – About those tiny insects that hide in the day and suck your blood while you’re sleeping.  We have thousands as pets and try to drop them off in people’s bedrooms all around America.

Album title is Devil’s Breath, what the breath you meant, fresh one or with huge hangoverJ?

This song is about another really kick ass drug!  You can use it to make people into slaves!  We found some but ended up snorting it all ourselves.  I don’t remember what happened after that but I woke up on an island in the south pacific drinking coconut wine with a group of cannibals.  Devil’s Breath is good shit!

Well, for 5 years of existence there were two people in the line-up, Ryan and Timmy. What was wrong with these guys? And what about your last drummer Jon B., do you feel he’ll be for a long time with NEKROFILTH?

I have to say you are a real HARD HITTING interviewer! Well you know, sometimes that’s how things go.  Those original guys were as important to the sound of the band as I would never that away from them.  Also we used to really fucking destroy everything in our path back then.  Can’t tell you how many places we are banned from those guys antics.  But sometimes people move on, and I had a lot planned for the band so members have changed.

Jon was basically in the band to record the album.  He was great to work with but his main focus at the time was MASAKARI (who has since broken up).  These days I work with various musicians depending on the situation.

There in the internet I have seen that Jon B. also playing in the band, called Masakari, but I have never heard this band, and can’t find any info… So, is it in metal borders or something beyond of Metal genre?

MASAKARI was a really fuckin cool band.  I’m not sure what genre, but they were an incredibly intense live band.  Blew me away every time.  They were more in the punk/d-beat realm, with some metal and grind influences.  Really heavy stuff.  After seeing Jon play with them I knew that he needed to play in NEKROFILTH.

Zack Rose also playing in great bands, like Nunslaughter, Crucified Mortals… Which from the three bands take more time and attention? Can you tell us – are there some MAIN band and another are projects just? Or all three bands are same important for you? How to be with gigs at least?

Right now I am focusing mainly on Nekrofilth only so this isn’t a problem.  But in the past there was always a way to make it work.  I fucking love metal.

You play covers on band GBH… What the band? Is this some abbr or real title? And what’s your opinion about covers at all? You know, some bands don’t accept any covers at all…

GBH is a really famous punk band from the UK who released some great music in the early 80s.  I think covers are fine but you have to do them right.  Personally I like to choose covers that allow the band to both show tribute to the original but retain the band’s style.  The cover we did of Black Death was very challenging but I was very happy with the end result.

You have had 7”EP split with Speedwolf. Do you know these guys personally? What’s your opinion regarding their music?

Yes!  Back in 2008 Reed brought NunSlaughter to Denver.  Speedwolf started maybe 6 months after that.  I am good friends with all the Speedwolf members.  I fell in love with CO and I made the move to Denver before our West Coast tour back in November of 2013.

Which bands you can tell as your favorite in crossover genre? What about D.R.I., S.O.D., Municipal Waste and etc?

Fave is definitely Dayglo Abortions, but I also love DRI’s first two albums.  SOD is classic of course but for whatever reason wasn’t a band that was really important to me growing up.  Municipal Waste is ok but never really dug em.

What do you know about Ukraina as a country? Also maybe you know some of our bands?

Honestly I’m afraid I don’t know any bands from Ukraine.  Let me know which ones I should check out!  However MASAKARI has played there and Jon told me the shows were insane!  I would love to play there.

That’s all for now, thx for your time and kick ass mosh!

Thanks for the interview and your interest in NEKROFILTH

(c) Aleksandr Maksymov



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