Netherlands Groove-Forgers Thorndale Announce Debut Album

Netherlands Groove-Forgers Thorndale Announce Debut Album

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Netherlands groove-forgers Thorndale announce their debut album, entitled ‘Lightning Spawn,’ set to be released on February 23, 2024.

Established in the creative crucible of 2021, Thorndale emerged as a dynamic force from the heart of the Netherlands. Comprising seasoned musicians, Thorndale channels their collective experience into a debut. The raw energy of their post-COVID formation year pulses through every riff, creating a contemporary and timeless sound that speaks to and reminds us of humanity’s accursed frailty.

Originally global and now based in the Netherlands, Thorndale is ready to share their first musical creation with the world. With anticipation building and the debut on the horizon, this is just the beginning for Thorndale. Get ready to witness them making their mark in the metal scene.

Band comments:

“It’s been a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to work with other musicians with whom I feel totally aligned. I love writing riffs, but it was the passion and hype between us that I found really drove this project. I can hear it in the songs.”

– Peter (lead and rhythm guitars)

“Finally mustered the guts to embrace clean vocals on ‘Lightning Spawn.’ It’s been a wild ride crafting this album with these incredible musicians, paying homage to our idols. Can’t wait for you all to vibe with the sonic journey we’ve brewed. Cheers to facing fears and turning them into thunderous tunes!”

– Gus (vocals) continues.

“The creation journey for Lightning Spawn has been a ton of fun. We really enjoyed putting it together. There’s a little surprise in there for all the old school lovers on our first single and a ton of meaning musically and lyrically in the album. Excited to unveil that final product to you all!”

– Zigor (bass) finalizes.

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