Nilotic Sandstorms Upon Zagreb-Croatia On 02.05.2023

Nilotic Sandstorms Upon Zagreb-Croatia On 02.05.2023

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Ithyphallic metal is once again upon us!

The sandstorm of death metal institution known as Nile for the fourth time is back in Zagreb, Croatia!

After 15 years they will grace us on this tour promoting their most recent Vile Nilotic Rites album. Champions of relentless technical death metal this are celebrating 30 years of existence and by all means, this tour will prove that title.

Nile was formed in South Carolina in 1993, with their first album Amongst The Catacombs Of Nephren-Ka they had established their distinct sound and language and ride the Egyptian sands to this day. Spearheaded by Karl Sanders (guitars, backing vocals) Nile had released nine excellent death metal albums, to the point that music critics can only argue which album is the best.


On this tour, Nile is accompanied by an impressive arsenal of bands as support:

Confess is an Iranian-Swiss groove metal/hardcore band formed in 2010. The band likes to describe itself as a “five-piece street protest”. Their first album Beginning Of Dominion was released in 2012 and the second one In Pursuit Of Dreams saw the light of day three years later. As a result of that, they were accused of blasphemy which resulted in being locked up for 18 months in one of the worst Iranian prisons I 74 whip lashes. In 2018 they relocated to Norway and last year they released their third album Revenge At All Costs which picked up rave reviews.

Omophagia is a Swiss death metal band formed back in 2006 in Zurich. The name of the band is a Greek word for pleasure in raw flesh in celebration of the god Dionysus. So far they had released four albums, their newest one Rebirth in Black will be promoted on this tour.

Vapor is a three-piece band formed in 2004 from the USA. Their sound can be described as a combination of thrash, speed, and death. Recently they toured with Destruction and Nervosa. Their third album will be released soon.

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