Odium Records announces “Draconian Elitism” by Ofermod / Black Altar / Acherontas

Odium Records announces “Draconian Elitism” by Ofermod / Black Altar / Acherontas

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Οn this sacred Yule, Odium Records proudly announces “Draconian Elitism” by Ofermod / Black Altar Acherontas, the newly crafted split-release that will be released next year. A glorious covenant, exalted to the eyes of the Old Gods, taking spirit, flesh and bones, to seal a congregation regressing back in the victorious days of the genre, while thrusting forth to the victories to come.

The spawn of this insatiable gathering will be unleashed upon the mundane plains on 21st of June, on the blessed day of the Summer Solstice, as a digipack CD, LP, limited wooden box, digital, t-shirts and longsleeve garments, to fulfill and quench the thirsts and needs by every aspect, no less than the quality that such an offering deserves. Glimpses to the formats will be soon revealed to the masses.

It shall be a very special Opus in the form of a split release, dedicated to the untold Mysteries of the Draconian Path, consisting of X new anthems of Orthodox Black Metal and lasting approximately 53 minutes. Thus, severing every tie the participants have set until forth, to form a deified monstrosity of terrors as well as an offering to the Victory of the Draconian Ways, above, beyond and astride Life and Death, a journey within theurgy and deification alike begins.

The cover artwork to enclose this Opus into mortal shell was crafted and created by the infamous Daniele Valeriani, known for his formidable work with several powerful artists and individuals of the genre.

Ofermod – Intro
Ofermod – Vinum Sabathi
Ofermod – Agios Ischyros Belial
Ofermod – Atavistic Chants of Levitation
Black Altar – Via Draconis
Black Altar – In the Labyrinths of Sithra Achra
Black Altar – The Oracle of Divine Madness
Black Altar – Outro
Acherontas – Intra Psyche
Acherontas – Astra Magia



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