Ostrogoth “Last Tribe Standing” review

Ostrogoth “Last Tribe Standing” review

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Ostrogoth “Last Tribe Standing
Empire Records

Ostrogoth from Belgium? Was formed back in 1980? Was active until 1988? Completely continue activity since 2010? NEVER HEARD! But luck is on my side, so I’m able to listen to their new EP, which comes with live bonus tracks. Ok, from the start I must say this is not Ostrogoth which was in early times; from the original line-up there is just one person – Mario Pauwels, he was and is the drummer of Ostrogoth, I even dare to assume he was the man who created the beast called Ostorgoth. Well, all these facts are not so necessary, so let’s see what we have here. Four new tracks and the same amount of live recorded bonus tracks (recorded live in Belgium). When I heard those 4 tracks, I got huge interest to have their records from the mighty ’80, because, I’m sure, if they play now kick ass stuff, then it was the same kick ass on the three albums which were issued back in ‘80s! Ostrogoth plays classical heavy metal, with some power and even speed metal tunes here and there, partially. Their music is just continuation of the music from the mighty ‘80s, starting from the music and ending with an atmosphere on the EP. Merciless, killing, reach for melodies and straight-forward at the same time heavy metal, fo those souls into pure metal sounds. Reach for tempo-changes, guitars solos etc… Sounds melodic and raging at the same time! Typically marching rhythms, which will force you to headbang immediately, from the very start of playing time. The whole rhythm-section is typical and classical, as was written above – marching, beating, full of energy and drive; for someones this could sounds too typical or even “retro”, but for me personally this is brilliant to the bones EP, I even UNABLE to write ONE or even two favorite songs, as they all more than awesome for me. So, be prepared for old-school traditional heavy metal, made by pure metalheads specially for pure metalheads! Support Ostrogoth or fucking die, hehe! \m/


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