Party.San Metal Open Air news – MIDNIGHT & DEATHRITE

Party.San Metal Open Air news – MIDNIGHT & DEATHRITE

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MIDNIGHT, for those who don’t know, play beer-soaked, blackened heavy metal. Equal parts classic Bathory and Judas Priest with a massive dose of punk energy. A whirlwind of NWOBHM inspired, heshed out metal, their music is a blast of sulfurous air in a genre so often taking itself too seriously. With a live set consisting of black hooded maniacs setting their instruments on fire, destroying their gear, and wreaking general mayhem, MIDNIGHT take no prisoners.


Germany’s DEATHRITE are an imposing presence in every way. With crust, death and d-beat firmly in tow, these Germans know exactly what their music should sound like. DEATHRITE have their devastating music in check and their latest album “Into Extinction” is one of 2013’s dirtiest and darkest death/crust records of the year. Check them out!



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