Photo: Nargaroth in Kyiv

Photo: Nargaroth in Kyiv

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German Black Metal legend Nargaroth was played in Ukraine (Kyiv) on 27-02-16.
In spite of there was huge crowd and was impossible to moving and no access on the stage, our photographer Faustina was able to make some little amount of photos, which you can see here. Black Metal Ist Krieg! \m/

Btw, 5 years ago we did an interview with Ash for our paper version of magazine, to remind, the quote regarding Ukraine:

22. What do you know about Ukraina as a country and maybe you know some our bands/zines etc…?
I know a bit, but mainly from documentaries. A part of my ancestors went in the 18th century from Germany to Bessarabia which was in parts (the north and the south, the center is in the nowadays Moldavia) located on the ground of the Ukraine between the rivers Pruth and Dnister. So, in some ways we are related.

So, now he may know a bit more 🙂

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