PRISONER OF WAR set release date for debut and reveals first track

PRISONER OF WAR set release date for debut and reveals first track

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“Fast beats and pummeling riffs from the arsehole of the world”: this is how New Zealand’s Prisoner of War describe their war-ravaged assault, and Iron Bonehead Productions is proud to present the band’s debut mini-album, Rot, to be released on CD and 12″ vinyl formats on May 2nd. Influenced by such classics as Altars of Madness, Consuming Impulse, and Mental Funeral, Prisoner of War was founded by vocalist/bassist Charred Remains, guitarist Typhoid Filth, and drummer MG-42 in Auckland in 2013. The power-trio’s sound deals exclusively in high-octane thrash tempos, morbidly dripping sewer riffs, militant vocals, and chaotic soloing.

Prisoner of War self-produced an initial four-song demo entitled Shit-filled Pit of Hell in 2014, and in 2015, they played a small handful of shows alongside such legendary Australasian acts as Sinistrous Diabolous, Impetuous Ritual, Temple Nightside, Ulcerate, Skuldom, Vesicant, Trepanation, and Malevolence. After a sudden burst of songwriting in 2015, Prisoner of War tracked the next batch of songs live in one afternoon, with extra guitar parts and vocals overdubbed subsequently. This material would make up the Rot EP and would see a significant step forward in songwriting, with more ambitious arrangements and a more cohesive production style.

All Prisoner of War members have a strong interest in the World Wars, with the lyrics and vision of the band reflecting this. Prisoner of War choose to forego any occult, esoteric, or philosophical themes and instead deal exclusively with the brutal and historically accurate realities of a battle. Rot is a visceral, vicious reflection of this, detonating with deadly intent and annihilating the listener in five swift tracks. The march has just started…and hear the first step here with the track “Evil Sky.”:

Cover and tracklisting are as follows:


Tracklisting for Prisoner of War’s Rot
1. Slow and Painful Death by Gas
2. Evil Sky
3. Purgatorial Shadow
4. Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
5. Rot

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