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Hells Headbangers announces November 25th as the international release date for a brand-new limited 7″ EP from Profanatica titled Pale Fuck.

Profanatica require no introduction. Cold ‘n’ alone American black metal before “USBM” became some dumb rallying term, pushing boundaries and “good taste” with vile blasphemy and even-more-vile music, and simply doing whatever the fuck they want, both in their original early ’90s guise and their now-intensely-prolific period in the new millennium: there’s only ever been one true Profanatica.

Now, Profanatica return to longtime vanguard Hells Headbangers for Pale Fuck, a filthy EP of quintessential black metal primitivism. With a bass sound brewed in the sewers and a more overtly punk-infused pulse courtesy of legendary vocalist/drummer Paul Ledney, Pale Fuck partly sticks to Profanatica‘s guns whilst displaying a subtle sense of refinement that’s no less crude and rude. In fact, one could qualify these six songs as Profanatica at their “catchiest,” but no one will be mistaking a song like “Devout Piece of Shit” as a radio anthem.

With nearly six minutes a side, Pale Fuck gets in and gets out, cums and clears out: Profanatica‘s molten minimalism has never sounded more rancid and rancorous as this.

Preorder info can be found HERE. Cover and tracklisting are as follows:

1. O Guardian Cherub
2. Pale Fuck
3. Devout Piece of Shit
4. Unholy Devotion
5. Defiling of Saints
6. Hymna

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