PRONG “X – No Absolutes” review (by Droll)

PRONG “X – No Absolutes” review (by Droll)

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PRONG “X – No Absolutes”
Steamhammer / SPV

Prong always was a versatile band. And it’s not bad, just the opposite. Listeners want some variety, and musicians – some space for creativity. So the variety was that characterizing thing for the band. Why limit yourself for one genre if it could be played a couple of, so an old school thrashers, hardcore punks and industrial metalers can listen to your music and go to your shows? What is not in any way detracting from the talent of Tommy Victor – and as a composer and performer.

Not a long time ago Ruining Lives was released with a huge supporting tour. After that, in 2015 – covers album Songs From The Black Hole. And now, at the beginning of 2016 there is a new album – X – No Absolutes. Well, we can only envy Tommy Victor’s fertility.

There is double feeling of the album. On one hand there is a strongly marked diversity. Otherwise it would not be Prong anymore.  On the other hand there is some feeling that the band tried to please all of their fans. An old school, that want “exactly the same sound as it was in good old days” and younger listeners, that always want something new. Those ones who prefer heavier sound and those, who listen to not such extreme music.  That’s why some bad thoughts that the band hurried up too much with this album are coming.

Naturally, there are some great, catchy and heavy songs. Some old-school thrash goes with melodic hardcore. Oh, and a “ballad” “Do Nothing”, of course. Some reviewers and critics perceived it’s appearance almost as a harbinger of the apocalypse. I hasten to reassure: the apocalypse will happen when Slayer will record the ballad. Everything else is normal.

At the same time there are some “goes by” songs in X – No Absolutes. I mean, those which cause no emotions at all. Scarcely they will be played once again (if not skipped in the middle). That’s what destroy an impression from basically good album.

I’m not a producer but in my humble opinion it will be better if this record was an EP. Ok, big EP. But not the longplay. Because “long” sometimes doesn’t  equal to “good”.


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