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Metal Blade Records

Fourth album for RAM, the second under the giant label Metal Blade. The swedish combo, born in 1999, always played heavy metal in its purest shape: melody, power, guitar solos and the high pitched voice of Oscar Carlquist.

‘Svbversvm’ doesn’t change the picture and is another positive piece in the excellent discography of RAM. Every note here is like a homage to the real heavy metal born in the 80’s and to the NWOBHM. So we won’t found anything of original or innovative, but the class and the attitude of this guys is undeniable.

Songs like ‘Eyes of the Night’, ‘Usurper’, ‘Holy Death’, ‘Temples of Void’ and the final title-track are little jewels that will be the joy of every metalhead, where the guitar riffing of Harry Granroth and Martin Jonsson clank splendidly.

But not every song is perfect, the songwriting is solid but not excellent, along with the vocal lines of the singer that is unable to create really memorable refrains. Sometimes there is the impression that RAM have a potential that can’t totally reach, and it’s a shame because they could be become a giant of the genre.

Anyway, it’s a pleasure to listen this album, played with class and passion, exalted by a masterful production. Nostalgics and defenders, ‘Svbversvm’ is waiting for you.


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