Report: Realm of the Damned (Sons Of Balaur, D. Vincent, D. Filth) animated motion comic premiere October 20th, 2016, London, UK

Report: Realm of the Damned (Sons Of Balaur, D. Vincent, D. Filth) animated motion comic premiere October 20th, 2016, London, UK

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Ancient monsters, blood, hipster-hat Van Helsing, awkward naked people, and a plot twist with an Egyptian goddess in “Realm of the Damned” premiere in London, Oct 20th 2016.

It was quite an informal event, I arrived to Prince Charles cinema in London 5 min before the premiere, and landed right in the front row. You could seat wherever you liked actually. After the announce of the premiere we were asked to stay seated for the interview with director Tom Paton alongside with the artist Pye and Steve Beatty for the quick chat about how the graphic novel was brought to life on the screen.

The graphic novel on the big screen is an unusual thing to watch.
3 chapters, the storyline strongly created the feeling of a motion picture. Drawing that slowly moved on screen and the character talk being a voice-over created quite a captivating experience.

Dani Filth voiced the main monster, Balaur. Balaur was summoned by a Norwegian black metal band after years in limbo.
This monster was a half vampire half something else, and after awakening he smashed bigger half of that band in one go, as monsters do.
And of course he kept on exterminating all thing alive around him without second thoughts.

There was some family drama and a plot twist with an Egyptian goddess (she was quite hot despite being assembled from random parts and an Attitude, big time).
Also we were introduced to this new version of Van Helsing who is kind of a good guy but quite a monster himself, wearing a depressed hipster-fisherman hat but with a very captivating voice.
He was voiced by David Vincent of Morbid Angel.
I swooned a bit when he talked. But who didn’t.

When monsters were monstering around (a loooot of blood and highly disturbing imaginery) the soundtrack to it was extremely aggressive and very black metal. My grandma would hate it.
I was quite sceptical about this novel at the beginning but then realised I really enjoy watching it. Afterwards the audience raised a question if there is a possibility of this story making it to the big screen as an actual movie. Director said that if such thing happens he wouldn’t mind giving it a go.
Who knows, but I would go to see it.

Dani and Vinsent did not attend the premiere – most likely they were occupied with other projects or did not really feel like it. Director mentioned they came over to the studio to voice the novel for about 3 days only.
But the band Sons of Balaur who were the part of the graphic novel did manage to attend. Front man mentioned that it was a challenge to voice a Norwegian since he himself is from Suffolk. But he did a great job, movie was evil and with a dope soundtrack.

After the premiere there was quite a homely afterparty in a pub nearby. The meaner the music the nicer is the crowd I’d say.

Pics, video and text by Mills Bratash.

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