Review: A SUN TRAVERSE “A Sun Traverse”

Review: A SUN TRAVERSE “A Sun Traverse”

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A SUN TRAVERSE “A Sun Traverse”
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A Sun Traverse doesn’t hesitate to acquaint you with their heavy hitting style of doom as they hit you with their opener “Still Shining” right off the bat which supplies you with plenty of thick riffs and unearthly growls. After “Still Shining” you can expect more of the same throughout their self-titled release. Out of the five songs that appear on this record, there are two that play as interludes. Right after “Still Shining” you get one of them titled “The Meadow” and the closing song “The Harvest” acts as one as well. Other than those two songs you get treated to three doomed out and very heavy tunes.

The interludes here on this record play well with the sound and the style of doom that A Sun Traverse does play and really if they didn’t it would just sound incredibly awkward and misplaced. However, that is not the case, and with these short interludes you get great atmosphere that just plays well with the rest of the songs on the record. This self titled release has plenty of atmosphere and vivid soundscapes within it and with these shorter songs A Sun Traverse is just providing you with more atmosphere which is always welcomed.

As mentioned above, the remaining three songs are also pumped full of atmosphere and that is where the keyboards come in to play. In each song you will hear them in the background and when the fuzzed-out anvil heavy riffs die down they get their time to shine as well. The keyboard aspects in this record are wonderfully done and propel each song as well as the entire release to a new level. Without them you wouldn’t get as much dense and wonderful atmosphere as you would without them. They play a big part in this release as they provide you with melancholic tones as well as heavier and more dense tones as well and they work in cohesion with everything else that A Sun Traverse does on this record.

Other than the keyboards, you get low, slow and buzzing riffs that rain down upon you and accompanying the riffs are rumbling bass lines, solid heavy drum work and the aforementioned unearthly growls. The musicianship all throughout this release is spot on and coupled with great production you get a great listen that keeps your attention all the way through. There isn’t a song on this release that you would want to skip or not listen and that just leads you to more listens. A Sun Traverse creates a cohesive and silky smooth listen with this self-titled record and ultimately you just can’t seem to pull yourself away from it.

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