Review: Adder’s Fork “The Fatalist”

Review: Adder’s Fork “The Fatalist”

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At the end of last year Austrian gothic/heavy metal one-man project of Marko Köfler Adder’s Fork independently has released their latest EP “The Fatalist”. This is a smooth continuation of his previous works – melancholic, somber, but quite optimistic release in the best tradition of gothic rock of 1980s.

Adder’s Fork has released two EPs and one full-length album for their eight year history, experimenting with the darker patterns of heavy metal and classical goth scene. This kind of style isn’t too popular among the metal lovers; yes, there were such grand bands as Sentenced or Darkseed (and even particular era of Paradise Lost), but mostly this dark and gothic metal is too sweet for extreme music lovers. But the music itself is beautiful and harmonious, and simple in its structure. And what is important, Marko is really in love with this bleak and brooding kind of music, so “The Fatalist” sounds so sincere and natural, that there’s no need to label this music.

“The Fatalist” is pleasant in its simplicity and casualness, no over-complicated passages or disharmonious lines, though the lack of original ideas immerses in overpowering classical approach. This 19-minute release is generally performed in mid-tempo, but with some mood changes, from slow acoustic intros to fast rhythmic passages. The atmosphere is soaked in sophisticated melancholy, sad and modest, covering even the heaviest parts in the haze of perceptive darkness. Very pure gothic guitar riffs and primitive guitar solos are the core of this album, the moderately low voice of Marko is also too pertinent for post-punk scene of the past age. “The Fatalist (A coming Dark)” is the most fitting song for gothic rock, but “Failures grin and Fears remain” is a bit goth’n’rollish, but this funniness isn’t too prominent. “Herald’s Curse” has some distorted vocal lines with atmospheric background, but the sad and serious “Yesterday’s Favourite” is the closest to heavy metal concept. So, no hurry and no experimental moves, “The Fatalist” sounds relaxed and coherent.

Adder’s Fork has managed to achieve this gothic presence of the past, slightly increasing the heaviness, and the cover art vividly showcases the symbolism of suffering and gloominess, despite the bright and joyous colors. And with aura of nostalgic dreariness this release truly conveys similar emotions into observant listener.

Release date: December 4th, 2020

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