Review: AKHLYS “Melinoë” [Debemur Morti Productions]

Review: AKHLYS “Melinoë” [Debemur Morti Productions]

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Naas Alcameth who you may know from Nightbringer, is known for his dark and nightmare awakening musical creations. AKHLYS is an emotional ride for the mind. If you seek some happy rainbow unicorn emotion you will not find them. “Melinoë” is black metal terror in its purest form and it´s wonderful. It’s so powerful that you can’t describe it just with the single term black metal. The songs strike with such a brutal dark force from second one.

Optically this record is already a continuation of the last one. This is the third album and it is a marvelous orgy of hypnotic riffs, fast beats and visceral screams. All together reaching out for your deepest fears and nightmares. All songs unchain waves over waves of pure rage and evil. The aggressiveness comes without a warning and goes straight to your ears into the emotional regions of your brain.

This is such a crushing and twisted release which will awaken your deepest fears, nightmares and hallucinations and bring them up to the surface of your mind. The production is exactly on point and additionally highlights this record. This album is an experience you shouldn’t miss.

Release date: December 14th, 2020

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