Review: Andracca “Watcher of the Waves”

Review: Andracca “Watcher of the Waves”

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Andracca “Watcher of the Waves”

So, I am back with a new discovery here. Hey guys, do you like British Black Metal scene? A months ago I’ve discovered some unique and prominent project that comes from Lancashire, North Wales in the UK. Andracca maybe sounds weird, meanwhile I don’t have any explanation about its etymology, but I don’t really care about that. What I like is the fact that this single entitled ‘’Watcher Of The Waves’’ which sounds to me so ‘’Romanesque’’ and epic at the same time, caught my attention and since the first listening I was curious to give it a serious listen and of course to explore more this duo black metal band.

This band is lead by Kieran Dawes who’s answerable for guitars, drum programming, vocals and mixing, and another guy Roscoe who leads the bassline. Sure, I can define this two members band a project of the future. I want to label this single something great ,a gem, a rarity but what really reminded on my mind is the sound and the style. Since the first listening it lead me back in time on some Limbonic and Gorgoroth early era. It is really well produced, growling old school vocals from hell, a guitar structure which sounds so well and perfect to my tastes; a single which promises a great album to come. The forthcoming album will be entitled ‘Morgulduin’. I want to say that the best elements of this single are: the guitar riffs, vocals, and of course the sound quality and this old school black metal essence ‘’atmosphere’’ retrospective and depicting – the early black metal era in its best.

A new band is raising from the Northern UK. This band is great not only for invoking the black winds of the north, but also for the grim vocals and a style of their own. It is hard today to find new bands which play such kind of grim black metal. In fact I am really growing impatient to listen to the new album. I am pretty sure it will sound so kvlt & grim. and I recommend this band.

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