Review: Angelcunt “Ancient School” [Purgation Records]

Review: Angelcunt “Ancient School” [Purgation Records]

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I can’t believe I am about to say this, something that I have never said before in regard to the mastermind that is behind Totale Vernichtung and Vicarivs Filii DeiAncient School is a vile and revolting album to listen to. There is absolutely nothing “beautiful” about this album. Truly, I’m shocked I’m even saying such a thing! However, in saying this though, let me express intense clarity that this is not only a must-listen to album, but it’s one that gets repeated heavily at times. Ancient School came as a complete shock to me the very first time I listened to it; believe it or not, it was just only a couple of months ago. What I initially was expecting to hear and what I actually heard were two completely separate things.

Ancient School comprises itself of two conjoined demos… The first five tracks are from the 2012 release Demonic Proclamation; whereas the last four tracks were recorded in 2015, from the demo Abrahamic Decay, which was unreleased. As going with the alias of “Cross Sodomizer”, this guy “the mastermind” (as I have respectively titled) is not only the vocalist and the guitarist for Angelcunt, but the lyricist as well… with Helvetesterrorist G.V. on bass, C19h2802 on session drums for the first 5 tracks and Feast on drums for the last four.

Just slightly over thirty minutes of spiteful, hateful wickedness, Angelcunt delivers brunt-forced brutality on this album. This band… this album… well, let me tell you… there are very few instances within Ancient School that give way to a certain vocal style that I have since become extremely accustomed to as of listening to the two above mentioned bands. But since this is the case, especially with the first track “Angelic Vagina”, if I didn’t already know Cross Sodomizer‘s previous styles, to be honest, I wouldn’t fucking know it was him… well, not until afterwards. I’ve mentioned before about this guy’s insane vocal skills, and well this is immensely evident, right from the start.

If you let it, this album will play right past you; and before you know it, it will all be over. Don’t let that happen. Absolutely, do not let that happen. Delve into the hostility of the lyrics head on, and embrace the darkness that is about to engulf you whole. To fully enjoy Ancient School, and to feel the pure, hateful emotions contained within; open up to Cross Sodomizer‘s vocals and let that be your gateway into pure, mind-crushing madness! Both C19h2802 and Feast will completely decimate your soul, as will Helvetesterrorist G.V.!

Both demos blend in so well with one another, makes for a seamless listening experience. With tracks like “Buried Alive In Their Chapel”, “Defloration Of Virgin Mary”, “Cathedral Wreckage”… not to mention the first and last tracks of the same title “Angelic Vagina”… but, you have nine tracks in total that make up this black metal delight of an album. I say “delight” because I cannot think of another word at the moment to use. My favorite song on this I would probably have to say is “Angelic Vagina”, mainly for two reasons… The first is due to the fact that I was taken aback instantly, and abruptly with Cross Sodomizer‘s almost… almost repulsive vocals. I mean like, when he sings how he does on the very first track. Goddamn, if you’re not expecting it, it will fuck you up some. Insane passion always seems to flow so effortlessly from this man; you can always feel this no matter the vocal style. Even on an album such as this. The second reason is well should be quite obvious… as Ancient School ends about the same as it begins!

“Angelic Vagina” hits hard from the start with drone-grinding riffs, as well as the deep, penetrating vocals from Cross Sodomizer sets in instantaneously. Very rarely can I ever hear bass in anything; but on this album, Helvetesterrorist G.V. … just Goddamn, this guy really puts a lot of force into every track contained within this album. It is really nice to be able to ‘feel’ such rich deepness within the music; cause again in all honesty, it’s something that I very rarely can ever hear. As I am talking about the first half of the album, I am only going to mention C19h2802. This guy … especially on the track “Jesus The Uterine Cancer”, extreme, hard-hitting pounding that you can feel that direct power straight through into you… fuck! And on this track, I’ve got to mention Cross Sodomizer once more… he brings forth varying black metal style vocals, both the insane, deep penetrating style… and, then the more ‘normalized’ style. “Buried Alive In Their Chapel”… I swear if this track doesn’t fucking remind me of 90s style black metal. Goddamn it… it’s just on another level of pure insanity, completely. The latter half of the album… starting with “Burning Skullcaps”… did I mention yet how much I absolutely love Cross Sodomizer‘s vocals!? I’m not going to mention the word “beautiful” to describe anything here, cause “beautiful” this certainly is not. However… the passion and the effectiveness that he brings forth with, absolutely melts me all the same. I have no other way to describe this feeling… other than to simply say “Goddamn, I adore this man’s vocals!”. Fuck. Feast is just as relentlessly crushing on this second half of the album. Probably a bit more well-rounded in style and sound than how the first half of the album is. He brings a slight bit more diversity to his style of drumming, is what I more mean to say. Riffs are pretty catchy as hell on this track; while still delivering that massive droning effect… and, I swear when Cross Sodomizer screams… fuuuckkkk… Helvetesterrorist G.V. masters the bass so heavily on this side of Ancient School, as well. Still maintaining that rich and heavy deepness. He makes all the songs on this album have a more ‘weighty’ feel to it. Most definitely noticeable, not just by being able to hear it; but as well, being able to feel the immense power of it. And, also I must mention as I am still talking about “Burning Skullcaps”… this song is my second favorite off the album, as I have a massive tendency to constantly repeat this one over and over a few times… the main reason why, is again the riffs are insane catchy as hell, and the band as a whole, combined, truly delivers ultimate thrash metal elements into this one. The rest of the album is pretty much as solidified as this track, just not so much honing in on thrash, as much. But, without a doubt, insanely just as heavy and hard-hitting.

This album… Ancient School is an absolute must-have, if you love your black metal to be more hateful and unpleasant in nature. You will be delivered it, en masse. A remarkable album that is far from forgettable. I very, highly recommend this album, as it is one that you will want to listen to quite often, I am sure. I know I do! After listening to Ancient School as often as I have been as of late, I am only hoping that another album will soon follow… as I am immensely looking forward to hearing even more from these guys! Bottom line… Ancient School is one hell of a black metal masterpiece. Find it. Get it. Listen to it. And, enjoy the absolute hell out of it. You will love it, rest assured.

Release date: September 20th, 2017

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