Review: ANTIGAMA ”Depressant” [Selfmadegod Records]

Review: ANTIGAMA ”Depressant” [Selfmadegod Records]

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I am not so much into grind metal, but since the begining, Antigama’s music caught me up and I guess their new release is so far the best one I have heard from them, which I was looking forward to it since they announced the guys have entered in the studio; of course, The Insolent (2015) is also amazing, but Depressant is a great damn album!

But what can I say about Depressant: a great album, everything sounds perfect, from drums, where Pavulon is a beast of a drummer, to the bass and the guitar, the vocals of Lukasz, as usual, strong, crazy, violent, so it’s all a madness going on through Depressant. 

Starting everything from the album title and the cover, definitely the album theme is connected to depression, madness and whatsoever (the hooked pill and the woman behind explains the theme very well). I won’t detail every song one by one because each song has its own charm. Starting with ”Empty Paths’’, everything goes crazy until ”Depressant’’ (one of my favorite songs), which turns out with some ambient elements and instrumental blasting, then the album end with ”Shut Up’’, crazy drum blasting about 1 minute, continuing and ending in their violent way.

Depressant is that album I won’t be ever tired listening to, enjoying it at max, hearing Antigama’s ”sick and crazy’’ music!

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