Review: Art of Shock “Dark Angeles” [Century Media Records]

Review: Art of Shock “Dark Angeles” [Century Media Records]

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Los Angeles is the breeding ground of this furious thrash machinery. Art of Shock released with “Dark Angeles” their debut album via Century Media Records. The quartet delivers uncompromising flawless modern thrash metal, spiced up with some classical heavy metal elements and a little nuance of extreme metal. To be honest there’s nothing new, but boredom still does not come up. A blast beat here and a heavy riffing there and suddenly the songs are fresh and your heads will move to the rhythm. Although many thrash albums have been published Art of Shock‘s “Dark Angeles” is definitely a huge highlight. There isn’t any bad song on this record. All ten of them are perfect on point.

This is one of the absolute best thrash records in the last few years.

Release date: March 20th, 2020

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