Review: Avalanche “Sent From Hell” [Sliptrick Records]

Review: Avalanche “Sent From Hell” [Sliptrick Records]

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You know how it is: sometimes you have an album and for some reason you put it aside. But then you turn it on and from the first note you ask yourself: why I postpone it, this music is awesome! That’s what happened to me with Australians Avalanche.

The band is pretty fresh, formed in 2018 (as I understand) with classic line-up: Steven Campbell (vocal, bass), Veronica ‘V’ Taleski (solo guitar), Arthur Divis (rhythm guitar) and Ryan Roma (drums). The guys released a couple singles, played some gigs and now they release their debut “maxi-EP” Sent From Hell with four studio songs and four played live.

Obviously, any Australian band will somehow be compared to AC/DC, but in case of Avalanche it will be quite justified because basically the band plays a good old Pub Rock. With this, it played with such energy and vigor that you can forgive even a quality of the record, which is not so high. Anyway, take the early and raw AC/DC, add the some Rockabilly, a little bit of Punk Rock and play it with the energy that only youth can do it – that’s what Avalanche is.

The very first song “Sold My Soul” is quite good evidence for it: simple riff, smooth drums, yelling vocals, Rock’n’roll passages and absolutely Rocabilly solo. It’s a fast song, full of joy and energy, made for the good party. “Head First In Hell” with “Down In The Gutter” are also made by this pattern with some Punk Rock added to the songs. But it doesn’t ruin anything; contrariwise, it adds drive and fun.

“On Your Back” with “Run Like Hell” are slowing down the tempo and goes somewhere to Blues Rock, giving you some rest. Nevertheless it can’t be said that these songs are somehow going out of style: they are groovy and full of drive. On the song “Get Back (To Fuckwit City)” I got some doubts, if this not an AC/DC cover because everything made in style of them: the riff, the solo and the vocal line. But it’s not a cover, it is original Avalanche song.

And you know what? I really want this band to be successful. After all, such kind of music will always be reclaimed. If these guys won’t give up and will also work on record’s quality (and vocals a little bit), they have all premises for the bright future. Airbourne did it and Avalanche also will.

Sent From Hell was released on November, 26 via Sliptrick Records.

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