Review: Avelion “Illusion Of Transparency”

Review: Avelion “Illusion Of Transparency”

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The concept “modern metal” is so wide that almost faceless. Often frankly poppy works attributed to this genre, with a lot of electronic effects and dance melodies. The main thing is that there will be distorted guitar somewhere in a background. However, there are also pleasant exceptions, which skillfully (in varying degrees) combine metal, electronic keyboards and light motifs, e.g. Amaranthe, Sonic Syndicate, Dead By April and some more names. And now you can also name the Italian band Avelion  with its debut LP ‘Illusion Of Transparency’.

Avelion  is: William Verderi (vocals), Oreste Giacomini (keyboards), Leonardo Freggi (guitars), Danilo Arisi (bass) и Alessandro Ponzi (drums). The band was formed in 2008, in Parma, Italy. After some line-up changes the band release their debut EP ‘Cold Embrace’ in 2011. Two years later one more EP ‘Liquid Breathing’ was released, and the band goes touring to Austria, Czech and Slovakia. And in 2015 with producer Simone Mularoni Avelion starts to work on their debut LP ‘Illusion Of Transparency’ in Domination Studio.

The band themselves determines their music as “melodic progressive modern metal”. It’s hard to disagree with this because all the parts of all above can be found in an album. There are solid guitars, fast rhythm-section, many electronics and keyboards, melody and high techniques. Although, honestly, I would say that “progressive” is on the first place, because that songs structures are quite complicated. With this, music is very melodic and quite catchy.

Though, there is also a main flaw: from the first listening it’s hard to highlight some track. Rhythm patterns and melodies changes are going so frequently, that one song easily turns to another, and the whole album becomes one big track. Therefore, it requires a fairly thoughtful listening (perhaps more than once), despite the seemingly understandable and easy form.

The band themselves tell about an album: “‘Illusion of Transparency’ is an emotional journey through the fragility and strength of human nature. We think we know everything, but the most transparent things to our eyes, may be the most illusory element.”

To sum up it can be said that the band coped with a difficult task, and competently withstood the necessary balance between the three genres (which, by the way, is inherent to many bands). And if we’ll recollect that this is a debut LP, for me Avelion earned a great credit of trust. And it will be better with the way (I want to hope so).

‘Illusion Of Transparency’ will be released on April, 7-th.


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