Review: Aversio Humanitatis “Longing for the Untold”

Review: Aversio Humanitatis “Longing for the Untold”

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Aversio Humanitatis “Longing for the Untold”
Black Seed Productions

Prepare for an uncomfortable ride with this four-track EP from Aversio Humanitatis. Expect bruises to be worn like badges of honour the day after listening as this is a ribald riotous affair, blazing like a rabid dragon with fire and indignation.

The pounding opening title track goes off like a stick of dynamite, engines tearing away leaving an angry trail of flames in their slipstream. Aversio Humanitatis create a black metal cocktail of demonic riffs and crushing melodies that really shouldn’t be allowed to venture out after dark. As though warmongers are colliding in a field of bludgeoning brutality, the riffs carry enough venom to knockout a bull.

It’s scary stuff alright with second song ‘Prision of Shattered Glass’ featuring  a savage shard of a riff that keep poking away like a broken bottle in a particularly savage and brutal streetfight. This is the sound of the gutter rising up, so stand well back or prepare to be consumed by the unmitigated anger, aggression and aural annihilation of Aversio Humanitatis charging straight at you like a wolf sensing blood.

The Spaniards maintain firestorm intensity levels with ‘The Ever Shifting Path’ but while destruction and despair determine the overall bleak soundscape within the carnage intricate twists and hooks can be detected fighting for their freedom within a savage sonic storm.

A chilling cold drone takes us into the manic ‘Advent of the Inescapable’. Deathly bellows are unleashed over a tirade of blistering blastbeats with a razored riff adding a further layer of twisted blackened menace. The EP closer grinds itself inexorably towards a fevered exultant climax.

Since their full length debut in 2011 Aversio Humanitatis have restricted their output to split releases and EPs supported with live shows across Spain and Portugal. The confident slaying on display here suggests another full length release is overdue, and I understand may be on its way later in the year.

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