Review: Aversions Crown “Xenocide”

Review: Aversions Crown “Xenocide”

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Aversions Crown “Xenocide”
Nuclear Blast Records

With a massive sound, plenty of technicality and ultimately crushing and neck snapping tunes, Aversions Crown brings forth “Xenocide” their newest full length effort. This release sports twelve total songs that provide you with heavy, intense and headbanging music from beginning to end. Aversions Crown begins this release with a two minute intro titled “Void” that sets a dark and heavy tone before you really get into the meat of the record. “Void” builds and builds for two minutes before it  starts to be overcome with static and once it cuts out Aversions Crown pummels you with an incredibly neck snapping and speaker bursting sound.

Once “Void” is over and you get into the full swing of the album Aversions Crown just doesn’t stop as they bulldoze eleven straight songs into your brain for a brain bruising listen. Each song is just as heavy and crushing as the last and really you can’t stop headbanging for the entirety and at a certain point you feel as though your head is about to roll off of your shoulders. As mentioned above, “Xenocide” has an incredibly massive sound to it so if you play it at low volumes you just aren’t doing it justice. “Xenocide” is a powerful and destructive listen and even though you may look like you got mauled by a bear after listening you keep wanting to come back for more metallic punishment.

“Xenocide” is an incredibly intense, heavy and technical listen that grabs you by the throat immediately never to let you go until the final note has been played. You get sucked into this release as soon as you press play and Aversions Crown does a great job of keeping you listening all throughout. None of the songs on this record sound alike and you are given plenty of variety all throughout to keep you intrigued and interested. There isn’t a song on “Xenocide” that you feel like you want to skip or not listen to as each song is just a solid piece of heavy metal madness.

This entire release is executed very well as savage riffs rain down upon you and blast beats smash your face straight through the back of your skull while rumbling bass lines rattle your bones and coming through all of the metallic madness are the barbaric vocals that transition between unearthly growls to gravel filled screams all the way to intense highs. Other than the musicianship and the intense vocals, the production is clean as well providing you with a sharp and clear sound. The overall sound is just crisp, clear and devastatingly heavy and you just can’t help but to headbang every second that the record is spinning.

In conclusion, “Xenocide” is an ass kicking record that bulldozes you with technical heavy metal savagery that you just don’t want to stop listening to.

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