Review: AVSLUT – Deceptis

Review: AVSLUT – Deceptis

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Avslut play Swedish Black Metal and it’s of little wonder that Osmose Productions signed them up. In 2017 Avslut released their Vanskapt MLP and now their debut album Deceptis is available from 23rd Feb 2018 via CD and Digital. LP to come in April…

I shall begin with a quote from the band themselves: “We managed to manifest despair, hate and fury into “Deceptis” and are very satisfied with the result.”


I’ve got a feeling this is an album that many BM fans have been waiting for. Fans of the usual BM suspects in Sweden will appreciate Avsluts’ Deceptis because it’s a true embodiment of intensity and it will bring a beautiful barrage to our lives. This is straight up, fast as fuck Black Metal. There’s purity in this release and energy surges throughout. Deceptis has been recorded with a passion I can hear clearly. The band have achieved greatness in harnessing their clarity and precision. Every drum can be heard and is backed by resounding bass goodness. Guitars have a sharp and hollow tone which is simply a killer bee attack and a sonic assault reminding me of Aosoth and Sethrial, no bad thing. The traditional vocal style sits well in the mix and avoids the trend of being too loud or pronounced. Any instrument that slices through the mix is meant to at that moment. No mistakes have been made by the Marduk sound engineer who lent his talents.

We’ve waited a while Swedish BM fans, now our appetite for some pure hate will be satiated.  9 tracks at 43 minutes presents plenty of shining moments.

Highlight tracks: “LEGION” – The Avslut cauldron is brought to boil quickly and out of it spews serious, speedy noxiousness in music. Vocals are presented with passion and honour. There’s plenty of melody within the track at all times and this shows just how good they are at what they do, it’s hard to stay melodic when in full brutal tilt. “MARTYIUM” – One of their absolute best, the riffs will stay with you for a long time and you’ll find yourself whistling them on the way to work like me! Vocals are pure class BM and absolutely spat out… “TERRA MATER” – A bit of guitar chug in this track gives way to silky smooth riffs from the killer bee tone, slowing to a vocal passage that is taunting you. Synth and choir creep in holding beauty up to the twisting dark.

Album artwork reminds me of a classic – The Secrets of the Dark Arts by Dark Funeral and I’d like to think this has been done as a homage… if not, the similarity is clear regardless.

Avslut have been more than well received whilst touring locally and recently, in the Czech Republic and Iceland. Many of their fans have been won via the warfare on stage, more still with their single release of “LEGION” in preparation for the Deceptis album. Having sat in my playlist of albums for a few weeks, Avslut have earned their place near my current most played and for all of the right reasons, to blend darkness this well takes a very deep artistic skill and I have to give them their due – Excellent work and Hail from Antichrist Magazine!

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