Review: AXIS OF DESPAIR “Mankind Crawls”

Review: AXIS OF DESPAIR “Mankind Crawls”

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AXIS OF DESPAIR “Mankind Crawls”
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It’s time for a country where I live since more than seven years and which I treat as my second homeland. Örebro is quite huge city as on Swedish conditions. In the city live something like 150.000 people. It has quite long history (it’s mentioned in 13th century in print as a seat of commerce – what location “forced”) and there’re some monuments and the most known is Örebro Castle.

Anyway, if you’d like know more about the city, university, monuments, etc. than just look for this information. Here you’ll don’t find it!!! Here you’ll find information about AXIS OF DESPAIR, their releases and so on instead! Well, to be honest there}s nor so many to write about coz the band was found in 2013 and except “Mankind Crawls” released one more EP entitled “Time and Again” (2015). But it doesn’t mean that we hear some green-horns here. NO!!! All musicians played/play in several bands which present (-ed) several subgenres of Metal since long or even very long time.

Guys call this stuff by EP and that’s right!!! This is released on 7” vinyl and takes less than ten minutes. The fact is that it contains quite many songs as on EP – six, but in this kind of music which play AXIS OF DESPAIR songs takes mostly not more than two minutes. Well, there’re two ones here which takes more (the first one “The Last Sight” and last one “Life on Standby”). So you all know very well that we have with Grindcore to do here. And let}s be honest that this is this old-school Grindcore! Sometimes it reminds me a little old, very old releases of some Birmingham’s band where Mitch Harris and “Barney” sing (if we can call it by singing). It’s NOT any copy. Of course!!! But I can hear clearly influences of mention band and also I hear here some EXTREME NOISE TERROR and stuff like that, maybe a little AGATHOCLES. Tempo isn’t whole the time blistering as some people could think when they read word “Grindcore”. Grindcore doesn’t work like that!!! Of course mostly this is blistering, but quite often we have some… hm… slow-downs. Then we can listen to even middle ones. But there’s always wild, despair vocal of Joel Fornbrant. Drumming is, the same like playing of guitar and bass, various. Of course it’s as various as rules of the genre let for it.

Well, I think that it’s no sense to write more here. Instead you should get this stuff and just listen to it. I can give you guarantee that if you like Grindcore than you’ll like this stuff very much!!!

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