Review: Beelzeb “Misanthrope’s Aurora”

Review: Beelzeb “Misanthrope’s Aurora”

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Beelzeb “Misanthrope’s Aurora”
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What a terrific kvlt artcover!!!!!!!!!!!!! I worship this artcover and this album. Spanish Blasphemous satanic black metal. It’s definitely a great album that comes from the rawness and the harsh spirit. Beelzeb is a Spanish satanic black metal duo, led by:
Phaul Bokrug – Drums, Keyboards
Asath Lug Beelzeb – Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

‘’Misanthrope’s Aurora’’ is an album you must own. Yes.

Strongly influenced by the trve Norwegian black metal, this project is really a colossal masterpiece. What I really appreciate is the balance between the guitar sound which is a killer blade,and the drums too. The atmosphere is so wild and cold. Sounding as a goat cavern ritual feast, this album reserves too many significal elements. Harshness, rawness and mostly satanic sound.

An excellent work on guitars, the keys are some kind of demonic verses. the vocals are not band at all. It’s what would you expect, no clichés, no boundaries on what to play. Black Metal with a sharp guitar sound. Beelzeb is another symbol of Spanish Black metal side by side and at the same level as Cryfemal, musically and satanically speaking.

It’s a sincere album with the right satanic raw black metal sound. Tracks like ‘’Stalemate’s Revival’’, ‘’Misanthrope’s Aurora’’ indicate that this band has reached the maturity, always musically speaking. The songs structure is consolidated and this fact is that each minute passes and after each minute you will love this album. I recommend this album, because it goes on the right direction: destination, Trve Satanic Black Metal.

The keyboard is a very special element of this album, right the most lucid element, it’s a manual through the satanic guide. Listening, re-listening and re-listening again, I find mostly this album a killer and cavernous satanic devise. Why not to listen to this? It’s extremely cold and raw. There’s no doubt I can go far listening ‘’Taciturn’’ and the other tracks, the guitar sound and the riffs are always great. To play black metal today is becoming more and more difficult, to many copycat projects and posers around, but playing the guitar as Asath Lug Beelzeb does, it’s a demonic deed. It’s an ultra black metal terror saw that will slay your chest. As I said in the beginning, I worship this album and this band. Horns up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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