Review: Behemoth “A Forest” [New Aeon Musick]

Review: Behemoth “A Forest” [New Aeon Musick]

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Behemoth came a long way since their primitive pagan black metal roots back in the 1991, but as we all know their music alongside their popularity had evolved and got bigger. Despite the polarizing opinions about Nergal and the band, Behemoth is not an overnight sensation. Which is becoming a trend with “metal” bands these days.

It has been two years since Behemoths 11th album I Loved you at your Darkest which you can assume by the title is their most experimental and diverse album so far; with child choirs, folkish rhythms (Sabbath Mater), half-assed primitive callbacks with songs like Wolves ov Siberia and If Crucifixion Was Not Enough

Let’s just say that the album was a hit & miss bag, but luckily with more hits. The same thing could not be said for this EP. The term extended play here is a stretched term as it is: having in mind that you have a studio and live version of a cover song and two B-sides. This thing is a glorified single at best.

Behemoth never had luck with cover songs, although they were quite numerous and from different genres (David Bowie, Nephilim, Danzig, NIN, Sarcofago…). None of them were a good execution and seemed more like having fun during the studio downtime. Check out I’m not Jesus and Devillock if you don’t believe me.

About The Cures cover of A Forest, it is very evident that a lot of thought went into this and perhaps too much, maybe I’m not a Shining fan so my reaction for hearing Kvarforths vocals are like I’m listening to a drugged gothic metal vocalist from Finland trying his hardest to sound evil which is more annoying than anything else. It is an interesting listen, but nothing that you will get back to it.

Shadows Ov Ea Cast Upon Golgotha is possibly the worst song of the I Loved at your Darkest recording sessions. It sounds like an utter inferior version of Sabbath Mater and just goes nowhere very fast.

Which can’t be said about the only real highlight of this EP: Evoe.

Dear gods on iron spikes; who’s bright idea was it to left this track out of the initial album? In just three minutes of the duration of the track the band hits all the right notes especially the main riff which sounds so deliciously evil. It’s definitely the missing link of the last album.

In summation; A Forest is an interesting listen, but forgettable. For diehard fans only.

Release date: May 29th, 2020

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