Review: Beyond The Katakomb “Beyond The Katakomb”

Review: Beyond The Katakomb “Beyond The Katakomb”

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Beyond The Katakomb is a Heavy/Power Metal brainchild of L-G Persson, vocalist from the band Storyteller. Formed not a long time ago the band starts to record their debut self-titled album, which was released in late June 2018.

The band’s line-up is quite impressive: bassist Johan Niemann (Evergrey, Talisman, Tiamat, ex-Therion), guitarist (and producer) Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry), drummer/second vocalist Henrik Ohlsson, keyboardist Matt Guillory and session guitarist Daniel Palmqvist (Joe Lynn Turner).

First of all Beyond The Katakomb is a very qualitative album. Good, well balanced sound and great recording quality. This is a merit of Per Nillsson.

Musically Beyond The Katakomb is melodic Heavy/Power Metal with clean vocals (L-G Persson) and growl (Henrik Ohlsson). Also there are some female vocals in the song “We Rule The Night”. Using of electronic samples gets the band closer to Modern Metal and technical playing gives music a small touch of Progressive.

Yet with all undoubted advantages like melody, good sound and technicality this album brings nothing new. It almost doesn’t differs from hundreds albums from another similar bands; lots of riffs and melodic lines already were in the past. Of course if this was some young band with young musicians it would be possible to close eyes on these lacks. But there are experienced musicians plays in Beyond The Katakomb, from which you don’t expect such triviality. Maybe this will change in future but now we have what we have: nice album, that is easy for listening but can be forgotten easily also.

Beyond The Katakomb was released on June, 29 via Black Lodge Records.

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