Review: Bitchhammer “Offenders Of The Faith” [Iron Shield Records]

Review: Bitchhammer “Offenders Of The Faith” [Iron Shield Records]

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Bitchhammer (lovely name, isn’t it?) is a trio from Leipzig, formed in 2008. Since then the band released an EP Raging Hell Rivers, participated in 4-in-1 split Thrashers Of The Apocalypse and played on many festivals, sharing stage with Asphyx, Necrophobic, Ketzer and Nervosa. This year, 2019, their LP Offenders Of The Faith was released.

With the spirit of ancestors like Venom, Darkthrone, Aura Noir and Sodom in their essence, Bitchhammer combine Thrash and Black Metal into one big lump of evil, fierce and blasphemy.

Nine songs of Offenders Of The Faith (cute refer to Judas Priest) sound quite homogeneous. There we have fast (sometimes very fast) drums by Majesty of Hell, solid evil riffs played by Jack Frost and rough growl of Basstard Priest who actually spits out the words form his throat in your face.

Thrash and Black Metal are quite equal here: “Bitchcraft”, “Fear No Evil” and “Satanic Violence” are the best examples for it. Sometimes Black Metal prevails, like in “Satanica” but it doesn’t make it worse (although, it changes nothing). The only one song that somehow outstanding here is “Blasphemaniac”, which marks an end in this short (36:40) but rapid and fierce album.

The big lack of Offenders Of The Faith, as for me, is a sound and mix. I understand that the band tried to reach a “right-true-oldschool” sound nevertheless something tells me that equation “bad sound = oldschool and true” don’t works always. Anyway, what do some jerk like me can understand in such complicated and versatile topic like “true oldschool” sound?

Offenders Of The Faith was released on April, 26 via Iron Shield Records.


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