Review: Black Star Riders “Heavy Fire”

Review: Black Star Riders “Heavy Fire”

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Black Star Riders “Heavy Fire”
Nuclear Blast Records

At my time of writing this review, 4 days after the album was released, it looks like the Black Star Riders will have a top 10 UK album on their hands, according to the midweek sales figures…

So it’s good to know that not just shitty pop music gets into the UK charts these days… Not that I ever follow the charts

Rewinding just a little, this is the 3rd studio album from Black Star Riders, who were created from the reformation of the Phil Lynott-less Thin Lizzy… and I had a bit of different perspective of that reformation as my uncle used to be Phil Lynott’s spotlight guy… the roadie that’s driving the truck at the start of the Live and Dangerous video release that was filmed at the Rainbow in London.

So while Black Star Riders pay homage to the spirit of Thin Lizzy, I completely agree with the name change from 5 years ago. Because without Phil Lynott, it really isn’t Thin Lizzy.

With that out of the way, I have to say that this is a really good album. Yes, it’s created in the spirit of Lizzy… I even think that Dancing With The Wrong Girl could be a sequel to Dancing In The Moonlight, but there’s enough of the bands own input to keep it from being just a tribute act.

The big difference between the two bands is the American slant on their sound. Like the female backing vocals on When The Night Comes In, Pearl Aday (daughter of Meatloaf/wife of Scott Ian) sharing vocal duties on the single, Testify or Say Goodbye and I don’t think Thin Lizzy would ever have recorded, Who Rides The Tiger. And I mean that in a positive way. Black Star Riders have their own identity, as well as a strong heritage to call upon. Although, once again, Scott Gorham hasn’t contributed much to the song writing, with Ricky Warwick and Damon Johnson penning most of the songs.

But at the end of the day, I can dress this up anyway I want, it’s still mainly going to appeal to Thin Lizzy fans. But take that connection away and this is still a really strong album of finely crafted Hard Rock.

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