Review: Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra “Legacy Of The Dark Lands” [Nuclear Blast Records]

Review: Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra “Legacy Of The Dark Lands” [Nuclear Blast Records]

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It is never long that comes at last. In case of Blind Guardian it was really long, 23 years to be exact. In 1996 the band mentioned some “symphonic album” for the first time and postponed this release permanently. But now the time has come and finally Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra release the long awaited Legacy Of The Dark Lands.

All hands on deck, straightaway: Legacy Of The Dark Lands isn’t just an “album with symphonic orchestra”, but real operatic work of art. It’s epic, deeply thoughtful and created masterfully. Something similar already was released by Therion a year ago, but Beloved Antichrist was a metal-opera and Legacy Of The Dark Lands is an opera in its pure form. So, before listening to the album it’s better to read the libretto.

Legacy Of The Dark Land contains 24 tracks: 11 songs, 12 voice interludes and an overture. It’s the power and monumentality of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Hansi Kürsch’s voice and total absence of guitars. Yes, exactly! But the record leaves no doubt: this is 100% Blind Guardian! It’s not only about Hansi’s vocals, but also music, melodies and arranging. And it’s really hard for me to pick up some song from and album because it’s so solid and monolithic artwork.

By the way, Normal Eshley and Douglas Fielding can be heard in voice interludes. These voices we already heard in legendary Nightfall In Middle-Earth. Here it would be so easy to start comparing these two albums, but I don’t think it’s necessary: yes, both of them are thoughtful, epic, solid, based on a literature and only deaf will not recognize Blind Guardian in this music. But still they are different, so the question “which album is better” is irrelevant, I think.

Alright, symphonic long-running record is done. What’s next? A full movie, especially when the album has a quite appropriate timing? Or the great show on a huge scene with choirs and full orchestra? Or maybe a metal version of the album, as we like? “Let’s put it that way,” says Blind Guardian‘s guitarist André Olbrich with a wry smile, “we already have far more ideas than time.”  Well, seems like Legacy Of The Dark Lands is only beginning.

Legacy Of The Dark Lands will be released on November, eighth via Nuclear Blast.

P.S. I understand perfectly that such Blind Guardian will not be so accepted by everyone. But you need to give a chance to this album, after all the heaviness of the music defined not only with guitars. So try to make time and immerse into the dark but interesting world that Blind Guardian created.

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