Review: Blood Moon “Through the Scarlet Veil”

Review: Blood Moon “Through the Scarlet Veil”

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Blood Moon “Through the Scarlet Veil”
Iron Bonehead productions

I mentioned in a review recently, that as an Atheist, I do have a liking for sacred sounding music. And that works for both sides of the divide as this album is a perfect blend of Black Metal and Luciferian chanting.

This album was actually supposed to get a cd and a tape release, but the label that was supposed to release these formats has vanished from the face of the earth, leaving the band with no alternative but to cancel those releases.

So that leaves the digital release, for people like myself who’ve made the switch to more modern formats. Those wanting a physical release are in luck, as Iron Bonehead are giving this the love and attention it deserves, with a double LP vinyl release. And that must be a great relief to the band as this album was recorded way back on the full moon of the 28th of September 2015.

And what a stunning album it is. I have zero information about the band, apart from the fact that they are from Greece, so I’ll make the assumption that they are seasoned musicians, such is the assurity of this album and I’m not sure if a younger band would pay this amount of respect to the older waves of Black Metal and other styles from that era.

I say that, because this feels very much like early Moonspell, back in the Wolfshade and Alma Mater days, but with a Black Metal slant, obviously. And any Gothic sensibilities are replaced by the chanting tones, which are absolutely exquisite.

So a mid 90s sounding album that sounds completely fresh and invigorating. Yeah, I’m happy with that analogy. For me the mid 90s were the most productive and inventive time for extreme music and this has a very similar vibe, albeit a few shades darker than the norm.

And I’m sure hearing it on vinyl will give it that air of authenticity as well.

I have a never ending promo pile and when I should have been checking out various bands this week, this is the album I’ve had on a near constant rotation… and that doesn’t happen very often these days. I’ve really clicked with the beauty of this album and I have no doubt it’ll be vying for a place in my end of year top ten list. Maybe even top five.

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