Review: BLOODBOUND “War Of Dragons”

Review: BLOODBOUND “War Of Dragons”

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BLOODBOUND “War Of Dragons”
AFM Records

A lot of water passed under the bridge since Bloodbound first album (“Nosferatu”, 2005, Avalon). While their early work is based on darker themes, at some point of Bloodbound career, “Nosferatu” is retired, dark lyrics are replaced with fantasy, in this case dragons. Line-up is stabile since Patrik J Selleby, better known as Patrik Pata Johansson replaced Urban breed who was constantly playing the game Now you see me-now you don’t.

30 seconds intro “A New Era Bigins” reveals in which direction Bloodbound leads us in 2017. After you hear:

“As the pendulum swing,
At the turn of the tide,
A new era begins,
In the war of dragons”

you just simply know what can you expect: epic theme, dominating up tempo, grandiose choir  parts, anthem choruses, symphonic atmosphere, folklore elements (“Silver Wings”, “Stand And Fight”), catchy melody, typical refrains, more keyboards, hooks, grandiose, energetic drums, successful pre-refrains and bridges… Should I write more?

Highlight, at least for me, is orchestral “Symphony Satana”, little bit different that the rest of the album, while “Dragons Are Forever” is the perfect ending of the well written story of rise and fall of she-dragon.

The crew gathered around Olsson brothers might be not the most innovative, but they know how to create great album.

It has always been too easy to write a review of a bad album. When you have power metal classic, than what can you write and be innovative? Nothing! So, enjoy in 12 epic songs and the most important, if you are fantasy fan, try to focus on lyrics. That is where the beauty lies.

Track list:
1. “A New Era Begins”
2. “Battle In The Sky”
3. “Tears Of A Dragonheart”
4. “War Of Dragons”
5. “Silver Wings”
6. “Stand And Fight”
7. “King Of Swords”
8. “Fallen Heroes”
9. “Guardians At Heaven’s Gate”
10. “Symphony Satana”
11. “Starfall”
12. “Dragons Are Forever”

Bloodbound are:
Pelle Åkerlind, drums
Tomas Olsson, guitars
Fredrik Bergh, keyboards, additional vocals
Henrik Olsson, rhythm guitar
Patrik J Selleby, vocals
Anders Broman, bass

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