Review: Bridge Of Diod “Of Sinners And Madmen”

Review: Bridge Of Diod “Of Sinners And Madmen”

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Bridge Of Diod “Of Sinners And Madmen”
Sliptrick records

Depending on your liking for high-pitched Metal vocals, you’ll probably either love or hate this album.

Personally, I’m leaning towards like (with a bit of love).

Basically, this album runs around the genres of Hard Rock/Thrash and Heavy Metal. One minute it’s firing down some heavy-assed riffs, the next it veers slightly towards someone like Queensryche (kinda of high-pitched vocals and Progressive) and at other times, it’s more Hard Rock than Metal, maybe with a bit of Glam Metal seeping into the proceedings. The video clip you see below, for Ignorance, is probably the heaviest track on the album.

The decider for most of the album will probably be the vocals. I have to say they’ve really grown on me and I have become a fan… but as they sound like Geddy Lee with his balls caught in his zip, they won’t appeal to everyone… I’d just say, give them a chance as normally I wouldn’t be a fan, but they blend in so well with the music, you couldn’t imagine any other style working as well.

Musically, despite a bit of cheese, this is quite a classy affair, in a not very serious fun-time Metal sort of way. The guys can certainly play, and the quality of the musicianship really lifts this higher than I was expecting.

So if you want to switch off and just have some very Metal music to share a beer with, this one fits the bill.

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