Review: Calliophis “Cor Serpentis”

Review: Calliophis “Cor Serpentis”

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Calliophis “Cor Serpentis”
Solitude productions

Calliophis hails from Leipzig, Germany and dragging along with them is their newest full length “Cor Serpentis”, a six track death tinged doom release that does its very best to drag you asunder into the bitter and cold darkness. Everything about this record is heavy and Calliophis never take a song off to let you breathe comfortably as they rumble along through song after song presenting you with nothing but disparaging doom. Calliophis begin their new journey with “The Cleansing” which begins with atmospheric synths before the slab dragging riffs and unearthly vocals kick in. Once the instruments and vocals kick in, you are treated to a slow burning weighty doom anthem that makes you feel as though you are about to buckle under its weight.

As this record proceeds, you are treated to heaps upon heaps of mesmerizing, deadly and melodic tunes for you to enjoy. Once you press play you cannot escape the unearthly sounds of Calliophis as they lay each song on thick and trap you in their wonderful world of doom and gloom. Each song is just as monstrous and destructive as the last and as each song rolls on you can feel yourself succumbing to the weight and pressure of each song ultimately being buried six feet under by the end of the listen.

Twin guitar riffs crumble around you like a monolithic monument crumbling at your feet as the bass lines rumble and shake the earth as the drums pound away. Forcing their way through the dismal doom noise are the grizzly growls from the vocalist that transition into deadly screams when needed. Each aspect of this record is woven together very well to create a whole, cohesive and damning sound that you don’t soon forget. “Cor Serpentis” is a highly memorable and inviting record and before you know it you are reaching for the play button again.

“Cor Serpentis” is a relentless record, one that barrels forth with six dirges of death and doom leaving you feeling isolated in an abyss of never ending darkness. If you are a fan of doom, you really can do no wrong by listening to this record, and as a matter of fact it is recommended.

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