Review: CHAINED “Dark Dreams”

Review: CHAINED “Dark Dreams”

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CHAINED “Dark Dreams”
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2016 have passed, but there are too many records waiting to check. I was looking for some connecting bridge between Tool, Deftones or an old good Alice In Chains and I found an Italian group Chained with the debut album ‘Dark Dreams’ (released 18.12.2016). Encouraged by grandiose descriptions with hope of some interesting crossover I listened it and… And actually I have one question: how thin is the line between copying and inspiration? Because it’s pretty obvious, that gentlemen are inspired by the sound of Alice In Chains, perhaps even more. And maybe they had bad luck at the reviewer who knows Alice In Chains values too much?

What we have here: the LP introduced by the mysterious intro, in which echoes mysteriously rhyme with screaming in the background. The album actually starts with the song “Last Whisper”. It’s quite dynamic, there is good rhythm section, a very simple riff and solid drums. Nothing special: nice melody, simple rock song. From the beginning it can be heard an Italian accent on vocals, which, however, no longer returns the attention in the later part of the record. “Everything is Fire” is turn to harder tone, slower, just like a forgotten demo disc from Alice In Chains ‘Facelift’. Next we have the interlude “Prelude” with something like the church choir. Unfortunately, I do not completely understand what was it for, because the whole tone of the rest of the record didn’t changed. “Chained on Cross” turn me back again to the style of Alice In Chains, while the riff associated with Darkthrone. Additionally, recitatives with reverb sounds like straight from Slipknot. The last three songs – “Blood,” “Shut Your Mouth”, “Dark Dreams” with nice acoustic intro, no longer bring any  curiosity. They are somewhat monotonous, it has already heard somewhere. Besides, with all due respect, but Alberto Stagni’s vocals are not in my taste.

In conclusion, perhaps there is some hope in Chained, if they try to go on their own way, if they record an album on their own way. If I were one of them I don’t  boast too much to statement, that the album is for fans of Alice In Chains, Stone Sour, Godsmack, Tool, or Five Finger Death Punch – on the contrary! If you do not know well the sound of mentioned bands, perhaps you will like Chained. Otherwise, you will be a bit bored.

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