Review: Chainsword “Blightmarch” [Godz Ov War Productions]

Review: Chainsword “Blightmarch” [Godz Ov War Productions]

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After a couple of singles three years ago Polish death metalheads Chainsword joined the forces with local extreme label Godz ov War Productions to release their first ever album “Blightmarch”, paying tribute to War, like their own personal goddess. These brutal guys take inspiration in old school death metal, preferring the Swedish scene without any hints on mdm gentleness. They play this straightforward and ballsy death metal with a war-like fascination.

Death metal scene is swarming with action, so many bands try to rival with real legends, and not many are successful in this arduous race. Chainsword has all the potential to stay afloat in this harsh business due to crazy devotion and insatiable drive to create the destructive explosion of classical death metal. “Blightmarch” is an eerie demise of sounds and noises, the real death metal without compromises, with a nostalgic glance back when this kind of extreme music was in its prime. Of course, every band contributes even to such static genres something personal or original, and Chainsword are fond of technical prowess and a bit of death’n’roll’s cheerful temper (like “Daemonculaba”, “Blightmarch” or “Dreadquake Mortar”).

Progressive elements are the strongest through the solo parts of their guitarists Sarin Spreizer and Herr Hornad; these are long and skilful with a huge respect to traditional metal roots. But through them also peek melodic lines, not too sweet or overwhelming, but these harmonic passages smooth away the constant brutality, and show that even the war is able to possess some soft spots. Some of the songs have very expressive slowdowns, implying at doom/death metal design (“Spinehammer” or “Ost Front 1942: Moskau”), but at the same time death metal is often mingled with classical speedy thrash metal. The drummer hastens to conquer the noisy brutality with rapid blast beats during the most thrashy passages, while the bassist echoes his tough whipping with a primal vigour. But the singer Herr Feldgrau completes this rough soundtrack with juicy and low growling.

The blasting energy of the band is really contagious, and despite that first impression that their music can be a bit chaotic, this feeling soon dies out. Everything on “Blightmarch” is in its proper place, the military discipline and harsh bluntness harmonizes this album with strict precision (even the cover art shows how every bloody detail is functional and pertinent). So, no further questions, these Polish deathsters are exactly on their way, taking over the death metal scene.

Release date: February 27, 2021

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