Review: Children of Seraph “Warriors of Light” (by Droll)

Review: Children of Seraph “Warriors of Light” (by Droll)

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Children of Seraph “Warriors of Light”

Young and very ambitious band from Tacoma, Washington – Children of Seraph, according to their own words, have only one thing in their mind: to bring back the passion and intensity into modern metal. To prove their ambitions the band releases their debut album Warriors of Light.

Starting their way in 2013, guitarist Nathanyel Nieves raises the first line-up, and the band starts to play 80’s glam-metal. Though it wasn’t exactly what Nathaniel wanted, and the other band members were not as dedicated as he was. So, next year Children of Seraph drastically changing their line-up and the most important – genre. Now it’s power-metal. A year ago, in 2015 self-titled EP was released and received positive reviews and feedbacks with international radio play. Now the time has come for the longplay.  

There are eight song with pure metal names: from “Metal Face” through “Decapitator”, finishing with “Warriors of Light”. Dio and Manowar are happy having such diligent disciples.

Children of Seraph‘s music is power-metal, played with all passion which true only true fan can give: fast tempo, hurricane riffs and many keyboards. Sometimes, while listening to this album, there was a feeling that these guys want to beat hollow the Dragonforce. Well, I must consider, that they going to this confidently enough.

From the first song “Metal Face” the band shows what they got and what they do best. Short and powerful drum intro, fast guitar riff (faster than you expect) and many keyboards. Generally, there is lots of it in an album, but it’s not making it worse. On the contrary, it makes the music much more melodically and adding pathos (which is inherent to the genre, and sometimes it’s necessary). Also I want to say a word about the band’s founder Nathanyel Nieves and his work. Besides his technics he hot one hundred percent understanding of the genre and his guitar parties are getting into it perfectly. As an example, his solos and riffs in “Rainbow Road”. Performing is great.

Nevertheless, there is a fly in an ointment – vocal. I would say it very gently and softly, it’s very uncertain and tentative. This, of course, spoils the impression of enormous work done.

For the end I can say that Children of Seraph is the band with great potential, which certainly will be revealed, sooner or later. Yet they have a lot of work to do (still talking about vocals).

Warriors of Light will be released on July, 1.

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