Review: Chrome Division “One Last Ride” [Nuclear Blast]

Review: Chrome Division “One Last Ride” [Nuclear Blast]

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After 14 years of rock’n’roll, booze and bikes, Chrome Division cease to exist. But before disappear in wastelands, “doomsday riders” will take us to their One Last Ride.

Actually, Chrome Division was never a band to the full extend, rather a side project from good musicians and first of all Shagrath. He always said that Dimmu Borgir take precedence over everything else and his employment considerably indluenced for Chrome Division’s existence.

For the record of One Last Ride Eddie Guz comes back after nine years. “Well for all of these years Shagrath and I have still been friends,” Eddie tells, “when I ask him what it was like returning to the band for what he knew would be the last album. “We were always hanging out, having beers and having a good time. This actually all started while we were out having a beer and Shagrath said he was thinking about shutting down the band and I said ‘wow if you are going to do that please let me sing on one last song’ and he just responded by saying ‘yeah that would be cool.’ Then about a month after that he called me up and said ‘how about you sing on the whole album?’ and of course I said ‘yeah, that would be very cool.’” Therefore, One Last Ride was recorded with the next line-up: Eddie Guz (vocals), Shagrath (guitar, bass, back vocals), Mr. Damage (lead guitar, bass, back vocals) and Tony White (drums, percussion).

One Last Ride is almost 45 minutes of Rock’n’roll with Heavy Metal, very charismatic, fast and melodic with catchy choruses. It’s dirty; it has a smell of gasoline with V-twin’s exhaust gas and has a taste of whiskey and beer. Some songs are more Rock’n’roll, like “One Last Ride” or “Walk Away In Shame”, where Eddie‘s voice complemented with female vocals. “You Are Dead To Me” is more Heavy Metal; “This One Is Wild” is closer to Hard Rock, or rather Hard’n’Heavy, with female vocals and great long guitar solo. Also I want to highlight such songs like “I’m On Fire Tonight” with catchy, sticky chorus and “We Drink”, which seems like it was written for Motörhead, but performed by Chrome Division.

There is a tired old line “this will not let you indifferent”. In case of One Last Ride it’s almost the truth. At least, an involuntary headbang and a willing to drink are almost guaranteed. Anyway, this album is more than decent walking off the stage. Thank you for the music, gentlemen!

One Last Ride will be released on November, 16 via Nuclear Blast.


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