Review: CIVIL WAR “The Last Full Measure”

Review: CIVIL WAR “The Last Full Measure”

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CIVIL WAR “The Last Full Measure”
Napalm Records

Civil War, formed in 2012 from Sabaton‘s former musicians, release their third LP The Last Full Measure. Well, we can only envy their efficiency and productivity. And the fact that every next album is more qualitative and diverse than previous one is also impressive, despite the line-up changes for example (last year the founder, guitarist Oskar Montelius and bassist Stefan ‘Pizza’ Eriksson leaved the band).

The Last Full Measure contains 12 songs, full of pathos and epic. With this, music is quite diverse (although it adheres to strict frames of power and heavy metal) and very technical, of course. The only song where musicians allowed themselves to get out the framework is “Tombstone”. Interesting and quite original decision to play some kind of folk-polka which is goes to whirlwind chorus and get back to the initial theme. Also, vocalist Nils Patrick Johansson plays with his voice great in this song. Well, this track is so distracting from the overall sound, that many critics called it «bizarre».

An album opens with epic “Road To Victory”, great memorable song with fast precise rhythm section, keyboards and technical, changing solos. An excellent power metal example. “Deliverance” continue an epic and power theme, adding a chorus created for chanting by thousands throats. Also there is a great keyboard solo and a little pause, which musicians make before bring this song down on listener and then it will stuck in a head for a long time.

“America” and self-titled “The Last Full Measure” are full of pathos; “Gladiator” takes down by its hell storm onslaught. Smooth, more inherent to heavy than power metal “Gangs Of New York” and “People Of The Abyss” give some respite, but also they are keep the ambiance of an album.

Perhaps, the most epic canvas here is “A Tale That Should Never Be Told”: middle tempo, dominating keyboards, powerful riffs, choir (with its low «Ave Maria» it reminds Powerwolf a little) and a great memorable chorus.

An album ends with classic heavy metal ballad “Aftermath”, which easily can be heard from Scorpions for example. But it does not make it worse.

By the way, all three LP albums are named after Michael Shaara and his son Jeff’s book trilogy. Now the trilogy is over, and it is gets more interesting what will the band prepare in their next album? However, according to previous albums’ schedule, we will not have to wait so long.

The Last Full Measure will be released on November, 4 by Napalm Records


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