Review: Conteiner “Light Demolator” [Violence in the Veins]

Review: Conteiner “Light Demolator” [Violence in the Veins]

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The mountainous northern coast of Spain brings us Conteiner, with their first full length release and their second outing since 2018’s self titled EP. Mixing together an eclectic blend of styles, Light Demolator shows us a group that contains much more than the sum of its parts, with the band’s chemistry being the star of the show.

Bursting out of the gate with the chaotic excitement of “Gloonomorph”, Conteiner demonstrate immediately that they are a force to be reckoned with. Galloping riffs and frantic drumming start the tune off with an energy that sets the stage for the album to come. Well placed dynamic and tempo shifts add a hearty amount of atmosphere to the pummeling assault, without letting the music drift into a point of listlessness.

Beyond the aggressive guitar crunch, crashing drums and harsh cries, songs like the title track allow Light Demolator to shine as a work of the group’s creativity and chemistry coming to fruition.  The interplay of the instruments and vocals reveals the influences of Conteiner beyond the obvious outer shell of modern sludge music. The longer length songs give this three piece ensemble the room to play with their sound in the moment and incorporate different feelings into their work, adding more depth and emotion to their work.

With Light Demolator, Conteiner present themselves as an act to keep an eye on. Aggressive yet heartfelt, this is an album that checks all the boxes in what I, for one, look for in this kind of release, with genres bending to the band’s will and molded like clay into something unlike much else on the scene today. I highly recommend giving this one a listen, and keeping an ear out for what this trio has to say next.

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