Review: CORAXO “Sol”

Review: CORAXO “Sol”

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Let’s be honest – when I hear or read term “Avantgarde Metal” I’m in trepidation. Fortunately in case of these two Finnish this is not as avant-garde as I supposed what I’ll be able to hear. Actually it’s quite normal Melodic Death (even if I recognize many moments when it sounds more like Black) Metal with some touches of electronics (rather subtle ones) and some other styles. I mean keyboards are participating from time to time here. Anyhow, words “somewhere there” is so called key-words in case of ‘Sol’. You can notice a play of this instrument without any problem of course, but mostly this is “hidden”. The guitar plays main role for sure. Tomi play rather easy riffs, they’re also the most often calm (what mean: not broken). Anyway, changing them with enough frequency, I guess. There’s enough element of power in them, too. He’s mostly using old-school Göteborg growling, but also sings with clean voice from time to time. Drumming of Ville variable as well, but calm and in middle tempo – there don’t happen speed-ups.

These electronic fragments connote hardly with sci-fi movies (regardless if we talk about 70’s, 80’s or 90’s). Well, except one or two intros. But this is only my opinion what means that maybe they’ll deal for you with mentioned genre of movies. Anyhow, I think this isn’t music for somebody who loves only brutality. Actually I’m sure of that! As I said there’s a lot of melody here, music is, especially as on Metal standards, calm… But this is surely Metal, I guess. The fact is that sometimes it sounds more like Rock.

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