Review: Crejuvent “Time”

Review: Crejuvent “Time”

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Crejuvent “Time”

Well, so called one-man-bands are domain of Black Metal first of all, as I recognized during all these years on the scene. But this happens also with such creatures in other sub-genres of Metal. Very good example for that is CREJUVENT from Liverpool. The project was created in 2014 by Freddy Spera. But, contrary to some Black Metal “bands” like that, it seems that quality of songs is more important for him than number of releases. Probably that’s why ‘Time’ is his debut album and earlier there came out only one demo – ‘Pretty Demos’. Well, release is too big word here in my opinion because both stuffs are only placed in Bandcamp. I know, I’m old orthodox and possibly don’t understand modern times.

Freddy describes his creativity Progressive Death Metal and progressive this surely is. Riffs are sometimes more, sometimes less broken. They change often, also sophisticated and technically advanced are in some way. Freddy mostly plays them fast and shortly. But there’re also some ‘strange’ ones: many technical tricks and stuff like that. To cut long story short, it happen really a lot here on this field. Drumming is also variable as well, but not as much as guitar track. He beats dynamically, use cymbals, changes tempo from time to time. Bass is also hearable quite often with its characteristic pulsing. Sometimes it even takes short ‘solos’. And what about singing?!? Well, it definitely can be compared with guitar if it’s about amplitude of changes of its character. I mean, Freddy use both growling, scream and clean singing. And this is quite hard to say which style of vocalizations dominates.

Generally, I can hear fascination of some old-school bands here. I will not tell any names, but there were Metal bands (even Death Metal ones) in the past, who played such a little strange and definitely not easy-going music. And I can recommend this project to fans of such non-standard playing. If it’s about music style presenting by Freddy then I’m not sure what it is. There are so many and even this is mainly Death Metal for sure, but I also hear strong influences of other genres of music. Anyway, you’ll don’t have any doubts even one single second that you’re listening to Metal! So open your mind and just listen to this.

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