Review: CRUCIFIED MORTALS “Psalms of the Dead Choir”

Review: CRUCIFIED MORTALS “Psalms of the Dead Choir”

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crucified_mortals_-_psalms_coverCRUCIFIED MORTALS “Psalms of the Dead Choir”
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When I’m looking in band’s pic in EncyclopediaMetallum I see three guys, when I take a look on line-up there I see only two names. So who the hell is this third guy on pic?!? Anyway, pic and look like of guys is stylized on nineteenth century’s scientists. Try didn’t go maybe jaw-dropping, but the most important is that idea was great. It also says something about guys. Well, actually first of all about Craig (Horval – voc, guit, bass) coz he’s the only original member here. By the way originally CRUCIFIED MORTALS was one man band. But after some time Craig changed the mind and there started to join him new musicians. During these fifteen years there were nine of them. But at the moment that’s only Ash Thomas (dr) who helps Craig in playing music. Well, we’ll see how long time it’ll pass coz it seems that Craig has very hard character, alternatively he’s tone of he most unlucky musician at least in the States…

However, with so often changes in line-up there’s anything strange that “Psalms…” is only second full-length. It doesn’t mean that they were sitting with crossed arms and waited hell knows on what. NO! Craig with or without help of other musicians recorded many, many demos, singles, splits and participated in two compilations (“Ohio Metal Militia” and “Remix Hell”). But I’m afraid that all these items are known and listened mostly in Ohio, maybe some copies went astray somewhere else, but that’s it. In my opinion it’s a big shame and I hope that with this stuff situation will change!

It’s not about some originality of CRUCIFIED MORTALS and the fact is that this album is something cutting-edge or even revelatory. CONTRARY!!! I heard all this at least 1.000 times before – especially in 90’s. But this is exactly what makes my heartbeat faster and my soul happier! Guys play just Thrash Metal, old-school Thrash Metal in its classic as hell form. I’ll don’t use here ANY names of Giants of this kind of Metal. It’d be too easy and besides you could think “OH… So that’s a copy of… Better I’ll listen to original”. This band really deserve for more attention and our eternal support!!! Music is played on very well level and ballsy. We have here all what would be written in textbook entitled “How to play Thrash Metal”, if something like that would exist. Well, I’ll don’t describe here play of every instrument with details coz we all know how Thrash Metal “looks like”. I’ll notice only very interesting solos (or something what we can treat like that) and Craig’s vocal. It reminds me…

NO WAY!!! To get to know who it reminds me, you must to get this album, listen and then you’ll know who I meant.

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