Review: AGATUS “The Eternalist”

Review: AGATUS “The Eternalist”

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agatus_-_eternalist_coverAGATUS “The Eternalist”
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Well, if somebody didn’t hear even the name AGATUS, read review of theirs’ some stuff and is on the scene longer than two years than… Well, the fact is that this brothers’ band don’t release new stuff every five months or even year. Sometimes they let us wait for their newest masterpiece four years, sometimes even nine like it was with EP “Night Mares”. But it was always worth of waiting! I just think that Archon Vorskaath and Eskarth the Dark One just need to create their music in calm, without any pressure. I even noticed some rule here: as longer break as better next stuff is! They need at least two years of break to release really good item. Of course we could discuss if this rule take also “Nigh Mares” and “Gilgamesh” (only three months of break), but…

Since everyone knows this band than I don’t have to mention that they’re from Athens and were born in 1992 or other biographical stuff like discography and so on. That’s good, very good coz I can concentrate myself on writing right review. Well, to describe carefully and in really profound way everything what happens on this album I’d need to write at least a novel. But there’d be probably some “little” problem. This problem would be that anyone would read it from the beginning to the end. It’d be boring, nevermind how various language I’d use. And it’d mean that you’d maybe loose the chance to get to know this masterpiece.

It’d be very wrong for you /for me not coz I already have this stuff)!!! I think that this is the best what AGATUS released until now. Music is even as on Heavy Metal calm, played in rather slow tempo. But if I’d say that here’s no “fireworks” than I should go directly to fuckin’ heaven (only thought about it makes me sick as hell)!!! This music is very if I can use this word, and I can coz that’s me who has computers’ keyboard under my fingers, elaborative in positive meaning of it. Riffs aren’t any top of the top of technical abilities which aren’t possible to play for average people. No, they’re relative easy. That’s right that sometimes they’re like jewelry, but still not created with keynote: “Let’s play something what will amaze the world”! Drums beat in very calm, but absolutely not monotonous, tempo. Moments when it’s at least a little faster we can count on fingers of both hands (if we have really a lot of good will). Vocals of both brothers are various, too. Mostly we have here clean voice, but sometimes also a little hoarse sing  or something what we can easily connect with very old-school Black Metal.

Well, guys just give a proof that you don’t need hell know how big number of instruments (besides these “normal” ones we have here only tambourine and keyboards, but using very rarely and in subtle way) or/and complicated as hell playing to create something unique, something majestic. Yes, in my opinion on “The Eternalist” there’s majestic music. I know that the most of you connote this adjective with something else, but…

I know that it’s not music for everyone and not for every day’s listening (maybe I’m strange, but I need to have right climate for music, if you know what I mean), but it’s surely music which’s even more than worth of attention and getting to know (especially that you can get it in every physical format which you can imagine – tape, vinyl LP or CD)!!!

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