Review: SATANIC WARMASTER “Black Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber”

Review: SATANIC WARMASTER “Black Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber”

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satanic_warmaster_-_bmkgc_coverSATANIC WARMASTER “Black Metal Kommando / Gas Chamber”
Werewolf Records

After such title nobody will have any doubts what band plays. Well, to be honest when I read it I thought that I heard once this tittle. I checked it out and yes… The band released stuff with the same tittle twice: first time as “Black Metal Kommando/Gas Chamber” in 2005 and second time one year later as “Black Metal Kommando” with a little different and shorter treacklist on a cassette. So this review should be reading first of all by young adepts of Black Metal. These ones who listen to this music more than 5 years surely heard this stuff or at least that stuff like that was released. At least I can’t imagine other situation!!! I know that SATANIC WARMASTER maybe isn’t such huge legend as VENOM, MAYHEM, MARDUK, ROTTING CHRIST or IMPALED NAZARENE (I could name here at least ten more bands like MYSTIFIER, SARGATANAS and other bands without which Black Metal wouldn’t be what it is now), but it’s just impossible for me that old true-blue fan of Black Metal don’t know at least name SATANIC WARMASTER!

As I know the band was always (if we’ll don’t count some episodes) so called one man-band. To be honest I had always at least mixed feelings to such “discovery”. But nevermind!!! Anyway, this is Werwolf who takes care about all instruments and vocal. And it’s like that since the birth (1998) of S. W. Effect isn’t maybe resplendent, but enough good to listen to it with pleasure. I’m talking at the moment about such individuals as me who listen to Black Metal (especially this, a little monotonous for me kind of Black Metal) only from time to time. For pure, real evil Black warriors it’ll be something what they’ll listen to every single day or at least once a week – when they’ll only feel thast they’re beginning to be not evil enough. Music is simple with raw riffs – the only exception we have in “Macht & Ehre” where we hear some simple melody in middle of the song, screechy vocal and rather unvarying beating drums. Songs are similar to each other if we talk about structure and arrangement’s solutions. From every law there’re exceptions and we have also hear songs which are a little different than other ones. But that are covers of BEHERIT, so… Well, “The Seventh Oath of Demonancy” is making in the same convention as “Paradise II”. By the way, the only difference is in tempo and vocal (I’m almost sure that it’s screechy as always, but Werwolf used synchronizer as well). To sum up, if I’d like to be malicious I’d say that the best and the most imaginative, even if it’s very simple in its structure and form, from whole album is real dark intro… ahahahahah… But I’m not evil enough, so…

ONLY for true-blue fans of Black Metal! Other ones can of course get this and listen sometimes, but I guess that it’ll ne just5 from curiosity and “Black Metal Kommando” will not be often guest in their cd-players.

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