Review: CRYFEMAL “D6s6nti6rro”

Review: CRYFEMAL “D6s6nti6rro”

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CRYFEMAL “D6s6nti6rro”
Osmose Productions

OK, it’s time for another so called one man band. This time we need to move to capitol of Spain to meet a guy who hides under the pseudonym Ebola (anyway, I’ll connote this word forever, I think, with band from Zielona Gora in Poland, very good band, by the way). Madrid as itself is very interesting place to visit to. There’s for example one of the most well-known museums on the world – Prado. There’re of course more museums and monuments in this ancient city (with beginning deep in B.C.’s times). As I said Ebola lives in Madrid, but it wasn’t always like that. First two years under the name AGALARATH this project existed on Tenerife, one of Canaries Islands. Then he moved to capitol of his country.

„D6s6nti6rro” is seventh full-length in history of this band. Well, for me word “band” means that there’re at least two people, but… Anyway, in meantime Ebola released quite lot demos, EPs, participated in several compilations and splits. As the most of you rightly supposed after the logo our Spanish friend plays Black Metal. To be honest I can’t see here anything special. Music is rather poor and, as it’s especially in this kind of Black Metal, not so variable. But it’s not monotonous playing the same two riffs all the time! Well, mostly it is, but there also happen some “pearls” on classic guitar and stuff like that. Playing of drums is also, as on this kind of music, variable. Everything is in middle-slow tempos what doesn’t mean that Ebola doesn’t serve us “wall of sound” sometimes. But these speed-ups happen rarely. He definitely stands up on climate and dark atmosphere – without using keyboards and stuff like that! Vocal is quite typical for Black Metal, but I can feel some kind of despair’s scream in that. Ebola doesn’t sing “at one hoof” as we say in Poland all the time what was nice surprise for me.

The most of Black Metal “one man bands” which I heard in my life was, let’s be honest, some music catastrophe! People involved in that couldn’t play at all, hadn’t imagination… With Ebola there’s another story, I think. I just can hear that he thinks during creating of his, I guess it calls like that, Suicidal Black Metal. So, I can recommend it with “clean soul” not only to true-blue fans of this kind of music, but also to others! It doesn’t mean that CRYFEMAL plays something very special, as I said on the beginning. But it’s interesting enough to listen to it more than six times.

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