Review: Damned Pilots “Overgalaxy”

Review: Damned Pilots “Overgalaxy”

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Damned Pilots “Overgalaxy”
Sliptrick records

Hmm… Another term which say anything – just sounds fine, maybe. I listen to this music thirty years and never heard about something like “Post Nuclear Metal”!!! Anyway, I have no idea if Italians mean that their creativity is about being more “post nuclear” or “post metal which will be played after nuclear disaster”?!? Well, looking on cover, I suppose that it’s more about “post nuclear”, because these guys looks like taken from “Mad Max”.

Nevermind. The band was formed in 2013 in Trieste and after few months they released their debut EP entitled “Spaced Out”. Then theyplayed gigs here and there, I suppose, and released their first full-length “One More Mission” via PLANET K RECORDS. Finally, in 2015 they recorded their second album. People who worked earlier with really legendary bands took care about the technical side (producing, mixing and mastering). It was released worldwide by SLIPTRICK RECORDS. In meantime band played on several festivals and so on.

OK, let’s talk about what we’re able to listen to during these ten songs enclosed on “Overgalaxy”. Well, I can agree that it’s not as easy to describe it with some term or even compare this band to some other one. But the reason is that music like that wasn’t, isn’t and never will be my cup of beer. Riffs are quite various and rather (at least sometimes) easy-going. I hear something from Death Metal in them sometimes. But mostly they’re heavier and massive, even if they’re melodic in their way.

There’re, of course, some calmer fragments and songs here where we have a little ‘crying guitar’. But if you expect solos and stuff like that then you’ll be dissapointed for sure – here is nothing like that. Don Nutz drums quite variously, but there’s also anything that would hugely flaunt in that. It’s mostly in slow tempo and passages aren’t long or/and complicated. Vocal of Sgt. Ote somehow connotes to me with the guy whose real name is Brian Hugh Warner (everybody knows him under the artistic pseudo). But since I don’t like and listen him (his music, first of all) I can be wrong in this point.

It’ll be the best, if you’ll check it out by yourselves and if you’ll like it don’t be fuckin’ penny-pinchers and support the band by buying this stuff.

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Score 72%
72 %
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