Review: DARK FOREST “Beyond The Veil”

Review: DARK FOREST “Beyond The Veil”

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DarkForest-CoverDARK FOREST “Beyond The Veil”
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Whether it is possible to disagree that the main thing in music is feelings, that it causes in listeners. The impression from fourth long-play album Beyond The Veil by British Heavy-Metal band Dark Forest is really special.

The first, seven minutes long “On The Edge Of   Twilight” dips the listener into magic world, from which he don’t want to come back. Heavy-metal vocals, guitar solos that revealing the beauty of medieval motifs and soft drums. Sounds of campfire and night birds at the end of the track only reinforce the feeling of a fairy tale.

Second track “Where The Arrow Falls” shatters the page in a book  of fairy tales and moves in a dynamic adventure, full of danger and heroism.

“Autumn’s Crown” is opened by heavy riffs, which continued with dynamic drums and already known guitar solos. It’s more «old-good-Heavy-Metal» than some fairy tale, comparably to the other compositions.

Tender short acoustic track “Lunantishee” gives some rest before hurricane “The Wild Hunt”. The sounds of rain harmonically woven in melody, guitars and drums are making some music storm. Original bridge in the middle of this track is surprising and reveals guitarists Christian Horton and Patrick Jenkins’s talent.

In “Earthbound” especially emphasizes timbre of  vocalist Josh Winnard – it’s ideal for the old stories teller. The next “The Undying Flame” is one more heavy-metal song that brings the flame to the listener’s soul.

Instrumental “Mên-An-Tol” provides fully enjoy of ideal combination of heavy-metal and medieval motives that the band found. It’s really magic, powerful and makes the special, light mood. Well, if the music brings the smile to the listener, it’s really good.

In self-titled “Beyond The Veil” can be heard beautiful female vocals, that combined really awesome with the voice of Josh. And the magic flute sounds, that woven in the end of the song finally convinced that there is a tale around you.

After that there is one more instrumental “Ellylldan” before the last, 13-minutes track “The Lore Of The Land”. This is an epic end of 70-minutes history. Heroic passages, master guitar solos, great work  of drummer with adding of strings and brass for strengthening the impression – it’s a great finale of wonderful album.

The more I listened to the song after song, the more I thought that this music would be ideal soundtrack for some epic movie about medieval ages, cause it brings so many light and good. It’s uniquely worth listening.

If this album must be described by one world, it will be hard enough to choose between «Bewitching», «Fabulous» and «Incredibly Good»

Beyond The Veil is out on August, 26



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